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From Zero to One Hundred: Creating a Transfer Community from the Ground UP

2012 SIT Conference Philadelphia, PA

Tiffany Green

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of From Zero to One Hundred: Creating a Transfer Community from the Ground UP

From Zero to One Hundred Building a Transfer Community
from the Ground UP Purpose of Workshop West Haven, CT University of New Haven the best practices, experiences and
interest of YOUR transfer students! 1. Recognize What is the Transfer
Culture at Your
Institution? Tiffany Green
Student Success Coach
University of New Haven
2012 SIT Conference 1. Recognize
2. Recruit
3. Retain
4. Repair Commuters vs. Residents Veterans/
International/Out of State Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Aged Students (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Survey ASK SIT TYE Focus Groups ... small Survey Responses:
37/200 students responded: Focus Groups: 12 students attended 1. Faculty Engagement
2. Career Development
3. Community Service 1.Orientation
2. TCE Process
3. Financial Aid 2. Recruit Facebook Programs Organizations Tau Sigma TransferMation Transfer Tuesday Faculty Mentor Program Advisory Board 3. Retain What are the common challenges with transfer students? Time Age Variation Transfer Identity Brainstorm ways you can overcome these obstacles. Collaboration "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" 4. Repair 1. Things to Keep 2. Things to Add 3, Things to Remove Did you know?

The University was founded in 1920.

Fall 2011 Enrollment
4,607 undergraduates.
1,778 graduate students.
6,385 total enrollment.

82 acres in suburban West Haven, Connecticut, between Boston and New York. Minutes from the beach and lively downtown New Haven.

NCAA Division II
16 Varsity Teams
(7 Men’s, 9 Women’s) 4. Things to Enhance Contact information:
Tiffany Green
203-479-4245 Questions?? Engagement Numbers
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