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Scooters And Scooting

No description

Charles year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Scooters And Scooting

And Scooting Grit is a scooter company. Scooting is were you try to
do insane tricks such as this guy
is doing a back flip one hander. There are many scooter companies
which sell scooters
that can sell up to
100's of pounds Scooter riders are put into teams that represent
a scooter company s such as MGP. The riders are sponsored by the scooter company's, and are given the scooters and accessories for free. So if they win a competition scooter company will get a better reputation and more people will want to buy their scooters. Also for the riders they will get to keep the cash prizes. The USA mad gear team logo. People do scooter riding partly
because they want satisfaction
for doing tricks and learning
to do more. Scooter riding doesn't
always have to be serious some
people just scoot for fun. But some
people such as pro riders do it for a
living and so take it very seriously
and can earn hundreds of thousands
of pounds.People from all ages scoot. By Charlie and Troy
year 5. People start scooting at early age
sometimes using three wheeled scooters such as this starter micro. These are the most of the logos
from the scooter company's that
are in business.
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