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Science Experiment (Nail Polish)

No description

Sarah Sizemore

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Science Experiment (Nail Polish)

Science Experiment
Sarah Sizemore, Melissa Dowd, and Paola Lopez

Hypothesis and Questions
Question: Which nail polish brand will have less chips in it?

Hypothesis: If Fergie nail polish is used then it will have less chips in it than Revlon nail polish.
1. One person (Person 1) paints their nails with a clear coat.
2. At the same time, another person (Person 2) paints their nails with a clear coat.
3. Allow time for clear coat to dry.
4. Person 1 paints their nails with Fergie nail polish.
5. At the same time, Person 2 paints their nails with Revlon nail polish.
6. Allow time for nail polish to dry.
7. Have the two people at the same time put their hands in cold water for 10 minutes.
8. After exactly 10 minutes have the people remove their hands from the water and dry them off.
9. Compare quality of nail polishes and record the number of chips in the data table below.
Data Analysis
It was found in the data that the results remained somewhat constant throughout the trials. This indicates that for the most part each brand will consistently have the same number of chips in it. The Fergie nail polish in trial one had 3 chips, in trial two it had 2 chips, thus creating an average of 2.5 chips. The revlon nail polish had four chips in trial one and 5 chips in trial 2, creating an average of 4.5 chips.
In the experiment it was concluded that Fergie brand nail polish is the more resilient of the two. This can also conclude that the hypothesis is correct. Experimental errors that occurred were that one of the two trial subjects put on one more coat of nail polish than the other trial subject and that the trial subjects moved their hands while they were in the water. For these reasons no completely accurate conclusion can be made.
Data Table and Graph
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