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Our Optimal Health: the Beginning to the Purpose

The first timeline for the Our Optimal Health project

Scott Ryan-Hart

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Our Optimal Health: the Beginning to the Purpose

...every story has a beginning Like many stories,
the Our Optimal Heath project's story
starts before the project existed The Beginning: The story of the
starts with the story of
in Columbus, Ohio at... Our Optimal Health Project the Art of Hosting the Shambala Institute in June 2004 Our Optimal Health Ohio started in Canada? in Halifax, Nova Scotia Well, not quite OOH,
but the idea of AoH in
Columbus did June 2004 The idea for Community Leaders in Columbus is born a small group from Columbus - led by
Phil Cass - begin to consider having an
Art of Hosting for Columbus leaders Summer / Fall
2004 First "Calling Team" of AoH in Columbus Emerging Purposes:
Seed AoH in Columbus
Shift the quality of civic dialogue in Columbus AoH OOH Oh, Canada ! October 2004 AoH "taster" evening 25 people attended
Toke Moller and Tenneson Wolf hosted "Taster" evening? An evening designed to give people a taste of AoH and see if there was interest and momentum in taking AoH forward March 2005 First AoH for Columbus Community
- Glen Laurel AoH 35 Attend Toke Moller &
Tenneson Wolf host Purposes: Short Term:
Introduce the art, practice and methods of hosting strategic conversations as an alternative approach to engage civic issues

Scatter the initial seeds of this shared learning through important sectors of the community. Think: Pebble Long Term:
To transform the way in which Columbus engages and resolves civic inssues, making the universal cornerstone "strategic conversations."

For example: the hosting of conversations that are both personally meaningful and strategically important November 2004 December 2004 January 2005 February 2005 at this AoH, calls an open space session on providing "affordable, sustainable healthcare for everyone in Franklin County - giving rise to the Our Optimal Health Project let's recap really quickly OOH project calling team begins to form: Jeff Biehl
Malcom Porter
Phil Cass
Matt Habash for Marc Parnes, MD April 2005 May 2005 June 2005 July 2005 August 2005 Generon Feasibility Study begins
(report title)

Purpose of the study: to assess the Columbus community’s readiness for change to create the conditions necessary to envision and realize health care for all people in Franklin County that is affordable for individuals and sustainable for our community.”

58 community leaders with differing perspectives on health care in Franklin County:leaders of hospitals, foundations, large and small businesses, and community organizations, as well as politicians, public servants, physicians, and patients, were interviewed.
Sept. 2005 Oct. 2005 Nov. 2005 December 2005 December 13, 2005:
First Community Assembly 110 people attended Genron Feasibility Study results presented:
1.Current experiences of the healthcare system
2. Four strategies for making the system more affordable and sustainable
3. Four New Community-Led Infrastructures
For Advancing These Strategies
Community overwhelmingly votes to create something "fundamentally new and better" Question addressed: How do we organize to create affordable and sustainable healthcare for everyone in Franklin County, Ohio? 70 Leaders from business, government, health care, & community the Core Hosting Team is
born from volunteers from this assembly Who attended? representatives voluntarily assembled to
explore and reflect together as a community March 2006
May 2006 2 retreats to form the

for the project Core Hosting Team Determined to use
as an operating system
for this project AoH The Retreats
were hosted by: Toke Moeller,
Monica Nissen,
Tim Merry, Maria Scordialos, & Sarah Whiteley Decide to host more community assemblies Core
Team 2004 2005 January 2006 was preparation for... February 2006:
Community Assembly 2 worked on the need,
purpose, principles of the
chaordic path June 2006 Community Assembly 3 - Purpose Question: Given our vision..
what is the purpose the
Health Care System we
want to create? Who attended? 105 attendees Clear expression by participants that the purpose of the healthcare system was not about sick care but about obtaining optimal health and wellness for each of us. This was a turning point for the project Project moved from Affordable and Sustainable Healthcare to the
Our Optimal Health Project May 2006 Marc
Parnes, MD Health Care in Franklin County:
Readiness and Options for Change 2006... the Beginning to the Purpose: The purpose of the health care system is to provide
health care

that supports optimal for everyone in our community. affordable & sustainable health & wellness
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