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SuperValu Social Media Audit

No description

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of SuperValu Social Media Audit

Developed by Diarmuid O'Loughlin
Richard Shackleton

What social media they use?
Do they use them well?
YouTube Contenting Market - example of what they do well!
What else they do well?
What do they do badly?
Competitive Analysis
Target Market
Continue to Build on and Nurture their Facebook communities.
Encourage each branch to set up more of their own social media sites to give local information and feel - twitter & pinterest - encourage locals to post their own recipes using SuperValu produce.
Work on the twitter channel, bringing in expert help if needed to manage, develop a competent CRM system that’s private and encourage Twitter followers to use for a quicker response.
Excellent use of smartphone technology with 2 App’s they have. Continue this with new and innovative ways of using technology,incorporate social media links through these Apps to maximise Digital Marketing Effort.
Develop other compatible Apps that will engage younger audience - Game Apps & E-Learning Apps.
Connect their social media through a central hub (Facebook,Vimeo,YouTube,Pinterest, Twitter) i.e. their website currently has no links to their social media despite putting a substantial investment in the ecommerce side.
Threats to their own Social Media - Keep checking Competitor Social Media Tactics, evaluate, and produce improved version!

Where is their Social Media Activity Hub/Social Stream??
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