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Texting And Driving

No description

Alexie Johnson

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Texting And Driving

Teens Texting While Driving!
By: Elizabeth Gramer, Katie English, Alexie Johnson

No call or text is more important than a life
E, P, L
Ethos-Its knowledge that you would stop texting and driving because you can get hurt consider that this could possible happen to you if you do this. You should trust the things that people tell you about texting and driving and it is fair that you could be fined because that's the only way people will pay attention to this problem .
Logos- We have evidence that his is happening from car accidents. Its a good idea that you don't do this because you could die/get hurt
Pathos-This is emotional to people that have family/friends that have passed from this.

You can go to jail for up to a year for vehicular homicide.
3,092 people were killed by distraction in 2010.
In Washington texting and cell phone use are illegal.
44% of parents text and drive
45% of teens text and drive
39 states ban texting and driving
3,000 teens die from texting and driving.
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Facts Reveal
If you get into a car accident and there is a something that is going on with it, you may have to go to jail.
There is a lot of people in the United States texting wile driving therefor there is a lot of deaths.
In some states it is not allowed to text and drive.
Teens drivers think that texting and driving is okay because their parents do it.
A lot of teens die of texting while driving because they are more interested in what their friends are doing.
We want our viewer to experience something that opens their eyes to what texting and driving could do to you and others. Make them not want to text and drive.
Our PSA is about texting and driving. We are trying to bring forth an action to stop texting and driving and show the causes and effects that it could cause on you or someone else.
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