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Teaching Postmodern Media

No description

Michael Parkes

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Teaching Postmodern Media

POSTMODERN MEDIA Starter Past/Present/Future From the Spec... Modernism vs Postmodernism Case Studies Decode the following... 44999227774443 227774442226665552433 333666882222885558 Hybrid Bricolage Foucault Introduction What are the different versions of Postmodernism (historical, style, theoretical)? What are the arguments for and against understanding some of the forms of media as Postmodern? How do Postmodern media texts challenge traditional text-reader relations and the concept of representation? In what ways do media audiences and institutions operate differently in a postmodern world? Show & Tell •Structure and Order
•Efficiency and productivity
Science and technology
Hyperreality Hyperreality drawing game Rate the following foods... The Gulf War did not happen...? Michel Foucault World War 2
Cold War & M.A.D
Social Housing •Panopitcalisation
•Knowledge and Power
Big Brother
Google Street View
Facebook Dead Set •The ideology of Popularism – TV fits into peoples routines and we watch it because it’s something we do - However where does your routine come from? •The ironic or “detached position” – viewers watch a programme knowing it’s bad but watch it to see what other people are watching - this tends to be done in a group •The ideology of mass culture – viewers like a programme because it is successful and a high profile programme (American) - also because other people are watching it. Postmodern Audience Postmodern Institutions Viral Marketting Transmedia Storytelling Convergence Audience Generated Content What would a Postmodern Lesson Look Like..? •Intertextuality •Self reflexivity •Hyperreality •Generic hybridity •Dystopian •Does "Dead Set" have a Postmodern Aesthetic •Image & Identity
•Forms and Conventions of Postmodern texts
What would Foucault do? What would Baudrillard do? What would Derrida do? Jacques Derrida Deconstruction "To what extent does a Postmodern text of your choice challenge existing forms and conventions of traditional media" Charlie Brooker What function does Brooker have? How important is Brooker to a texts popularity? Is Brooker Postmodern? Dystopian Narratives Polysemy 'There is nothing outside of the text' Other Thinkers... Fredric Jameson & the Postmodern History Slavoj Zizek & Postmomodern Psychology Think like a Philosopher... Jean-Francois Lyotard Synergy Collaspe of Meta-Narratives Is Postmoderninsm a Meta-Narrative? Have you ever been critical of the theories you have encountered on your course? Audience effects?
Interpretation? What ideas are universal? Videogames & Gameswipe How do videogames challenge traditional media? How much 'agency' do games allow? Are games hyperreal? Case Study: Heavy Rain 2010 Flow
Authentic Text Practice for university: Mini Lectures and Seminars Activity Activity What will come after Postmodernism? Activity Activity: Modern Masterchef? Analyse the following clips from Masterchef
One is modern (traditional) and one is postmodern
Consider the following
•Average shot length and camera work
•Representation & target audience
•Mise-en-Scene & music
The Exam Student Case Studies Past Exam Questions Student Created Questions Quotes and Paraphrasing Use Case Studies to Support Answers Conclusion: Lyotard & Future http://mikespostmodernmediablog.blogspot.com/ Key Figure: Henry Ford Development of Production Line
Standardisation of the Product
De-skilling of the work force
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