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*Sharing Traditions

No description

Cedric Chastagner

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of *Sharing Traditions

Main Vocab.
– to search through something completely (usually in a messy way)
– not noticed
– a lizard that changes color with its environment
– quality of being kind and giving
– a characteristic that causes others to feel sorry or pity for someone
– bouncing from surface to surface
– a long time of scarcity (not enough) food
– checking every available source, looking everywhere possible
Magical Moment
Meet the
1. Where did Baba Wagué Diakité grow up?
2. What did his family do during the evening meal?
3. What was their favorite story about?
4. What special things did Baba Wagué Diakité uses to illustrate his story?

The Origins
of Ghana
What is a griot?
Name one presentation by a famous griot.
Who was Gassire?
What is a pui?
From whom did Gassire learn a song?
Why is this text called "The origins of Ghana"?
Why did other countries want to fight with Ghana?
What did Mali turn into because of its weakness?
What will Keira see on her field trip?
Why did Keira rummage through her closet?
What types of characters do African
writers use in traditional stories?
Who is Keira’s favorite drummer?
What word means the same as storyteller?
What was the story he told about?
How did Keira describe her memory?
Why did Keira’s great-grand mother
move to the United States?
What news did Keira want to
tell her mother and grandmother?
Why did Brother Rabbit have to wander the countryside?
Who called out to Brother Rabbit from the thorny bush?
What else did Chameleon ask Brother Rabbit to do for him?
What is Brother Rabbits reward and what special quality does it have?
Why did Chameleon give such a valuable gift to Brother Rabbit?
How did Mansa Jugu get the magic gourd?
What did he demand the gourd fill with?
What was the second gift Chameleon gave to Brother Rabbit?
What did this second gift do to Brother Rabbit when he said it “is just a fara”?
When Brother Rabbit took the second gift to the king, what happened?
What did the king tell Brother Rabbit to take when he asked for his magic gourd back?
What did Brother Rabbit learn from Chameleons great lessons in disguises?
What lesson did Mansa Jugu learn from Brother Rabbit?
According to Brother Rabbit and Chameleon, What makes one rich?
Magic Gourd
Sharing Traditions
Add. Vocab
couscous – a type of small pasta that comes from North Africa, usually served with meat and vegetables

bolster - to boost

mythological - legendary

origin - what something begins from or comes from.
Guess what vocab
word these illustrations correspond to!
Did you know?
Cats were __ for food.
The ball was __ off everything it hit.
We showed __ by helping with the food drive.
Jenny __ through the bin to find a sweater.
The mouse went __.
The __ dog begged for scraps.
Drought made the citizens victims of __.
The __ changed to brown when climbing the tree.
My arabic aunt makes the best __ ever!
What is the __ of your family?
The Minotaur was a __ creature.
What can I do to __ my courage?
Write a
about your
best friend
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