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Careers exam

Mitchell baynton

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Electrician

Electrician!! Electricians install and take care of all electrical / power
systems used in our homes, Businesses and Factories.They maintain /Controll
equiptment that has electricity flow. They also maintain and intstall tools and
other equiptment used in the facilitys.
- You must be good with your hands and working in small spaces, many
electricians need to be crammed in small spaces to do their job.
- Most electrician require alot of patients to do the job right, it is very easy to mess
up and may need to start all over.
Description Electricians usually work around 8 to possibly 16 hours a day
with a union. They are required to work weekends if they are needed.
Since "electrician" is a trade, many of them can do outside jobs for people who need
it and get pay outside of their day job.
- 16+ to be a electrician, you can be in a apprenticeship and get your college payed 85%
for. You can be male or female, there are no gender restrictions.
- Must be somewhat in shape to fit into the small areas that you are usually crammed into.
Working Conditions Wages and Earnings If you are a apprentice you can make from 9-27 dollars a hour,
If you work around 40 hours a week it comes out to be 19,000- 56,000 $ a year.
-Full time electricians who work full-time make around 35,000-75,000$ a year.
- Electricians who own their own business and offer their services with a
license can make well over 75,000$ a year.
-The worse the conditions tend to have a higher pay.
You start with a apprenticeship, the next level is the second/third/forth
year and so on being a apprentice. The third level is a Journey level electrician.
And the final level is being a Independant electical contractor.
-You move up based on your previous work and the time in the job.
Career path
You can use a apprenticeship while in school
with the right age requirment to start your training, most require a highschool
diploma to start your ongoing years as a apprentice. Alot do a 5 year apprentice-
ship training and go onto college for further training in trade.
Education and Training Requirements Two post secondary schools that offer the program Everest College
Northeastern University
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