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Touching Spirit Bear: by Ben Mikaelsen

No description

M2K Kids

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear: by Ben Mikaelsen

Plot diagram of Touching Spirit Bear
rising action
falling action
exposition 2
rising action 2
climax 2
falling action 2
resolution 2
traditional plot diagram
Touching Spirit Bear: by Ben Mikaelsen
Cole Mathews is a 15 year old boy whose nature is to get in trouble. His last straw was when he beat up Peter Driscal in a parking lot for telling the police that he robbed a store. Cole had the choice to either be sentenced to jail time or join Circle Justice where he would be stranded on a remote Alaskan island for a year. Cole Chooses Circle Justice to escape jail time.
Rising Action
Cole remembered Garvey and how Garvey said he trusted him and gave him the at.oow. (a colorful blanket that symbolizes trust)
Cole was very angry when he got to the island so he decided to burn the hut that Edwin built for him down.
Cole did not want to stay on the island so he decided to try to swim from island to island, after an hour of swimming in the freezing water, Cole noticed that he hadn't swam anywhere due to the tide.
setting: Minneapolis and a remote Alaskan island in the present.
Garvey is a trust-worthy parole officer for a detention center.
The day after Cole tried to swim away he saw the spirit bear on the coast. He picked up his make-shift spear and started charging at it because it wasn't afraid of him. When he was 10 feet away he threw the spear at it. Before he knew it, the bear was on top of him. Cole suffered serious damage like a broken pelvis and a bum arm.
Falling Action
Cole is laying on the ground in pain one stormy night when lightning strikes a tree beside him and it falls down. In the morning he sees 4 dead baby sparrows on the ground, he believes that the birds didn't deserve it, he makes one simple choice, to live.
later that day Cole notices the spirit bear approaching him. Cole thinks he was going to die, so instinctively he got spit in his mouth and was just about to spit, when he just swallowed it. He raised his left hand and touched the bear, he felt one thing, trust.
Edwin arrived and found Cole laying on the ground, injured. Edwin took him to a hospital in Drake (a city in Alaska). Cole was sent back to Minneapolis to be treated at a better hospital.
6 months later
Exposition 2
Thank you for listening!
By: Nick, Al, Chloe, Karmen, and Cierra
If Cole wanted to go back to the island he needed to explain everything to the Circle Justice. Edwin and Garvey persuaded the circle to send Cole back to the island. Edwin and Garvey were going to stay there until Cole got settled. One morning Edwin brought Cole to this pond to soak in to relieve his anger. He also taught him to carry a thing called the ancestor rock up the hill and to roll his anger down. Edwin also taught him to dance dances of different animals and things.
Rising Action 2
One day when Cole was on the island he found a big log and decided to make a totem pole from it, he would put the animals and stuff he did from the dances on it.
Cole has not seen the spirit bear since he touched it, so he finds a way to see it, to be "invisible". The only way to be "invisible" is to clear your mind of thoughts. When he was soaking he tried to be invisible and saw the bear
Edwin told Cole that Peter tried to commit suicide twice! Cole thought of an idea for Peter to come to the island with him. Edwin told Peter's parents about it, so they forced Peter to go there with supervision from Garvey.
Climax 2
One day Peter asked Cole to take a soak with him at the pond. When they got there Peter let his emotions out by beating up Cole. Cole refused to fight back, after a while Peter stopped and started crying. Peter and Cole both saw the spirit bear a minute later. Up to this point Peter thought Cole was lying about the spirit bear. That was when Peter started to forgive Cole.
Falling Action 2
When they got back Cole gave Peter the at.oow which means he trusted him.
Cole saw that Peter was good at carving and asked Peter to teach him how to carve better.
Resolution 2
When Peter was showing Cole how to carve, Garvey came out from the cabin and saw that they drew a perfect circle, and asked if they drew a circle because it has both a beginning and an end. They replied that it was the only thing Cole could carve.
Edwin is a wise Tlingit elder that helps Cole through his journey.
Peter is a timid skinny boy who has brain problems after Cole beats him up.
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