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The Triangular Trade

No description

Miss J Murray

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Triangular Trade

The Triangular Trade
Captains Log 12th August 1882

These slaves are the whiniest bunch I've had in months! I wish they would just accept their fate and be quiet about it......I might start to get a little crueller to them to show them whats happening isn't actually so bad (stupid natives don't have a clue!)
I mean I killed a few random slaves at the start of the journey (just the puny weak looking ones) to show the rest who is in charge but that's obviously not worked!
I think I'll choose a few who are whining the most and give the sharks something to bite at for a change......

Same day
Well, that seemed to make them all shut up in a hurry! They all now realise their fate and have accepted it...it won't be too bad if they behave themselves in Atlanta!

We'll reach land in a few days....then the fun for them begins!

Captain J William Tully
On board the "Solitude", human cargo
Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
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Learning Objective
To think about what conditions were like for slaves on a ship

To explain what the Triangular Trade and Middle Passage involved
The Triangular Trade
The triangular trade is where items manufactured in Britain were sold to African nations (e.g. pots, woven fabric etc)

The items were exchanged for slaves

These slaves were taken to the Americas

Cotton was sent to Britain to be processed
Watch the video
Do Now
Google "The Triangular Trade" and tell me what it is
in your own words

This is the term given to the long journey from Africa to America where hundreds of slaves were confined to cramped disgusting ships

The Middle Passage
Use the QR Scanner app to scan the QR code shown

Read the account of what it was like on the ships
QR Code
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