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Fresh Ideas for Working Internationally

No description

Mike Mueller

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Fresh Ideas for Working Internationally

Profiting from the International Luxury Market Barbara Young
775-750-7463 Tony Young
775-750-7395 What do you think of when you think “International” or “Global”? “International”: Of, relating to, or involving two or more Nations, extending across or transcending national boundaries “Global”: Of, relating to, or involving the entire Earth – worldwide Join Organizations That
Support Your
International Business The Business of Real Estate Sales
& Investment Is Global There are many from which to choose – choose wisely…those which can actually support your business.

If you have too many memberships, there may be no time to sell and service clients Search “top real estate agents France”, or any other country of interest.

You will find many…align only with the top-producing, most professional. Check them out before engaging with them.

Make contact…speak directly whenever possible Global Real Estate Networking Platform which brings together real estate professionals in 132 countries to more efficiently share and market their listings.

Market yourself and your properties to agents across the globe in the world’s most extensive real estate network. Information
Sources What happens when the foreign buyer prepares to move funds for purchase of a US property?

What happens when the US buyer prepares to move funds for purchase of a foreign property? Provide valuable information for your client they would not necessarily expect. Typically, banks become involved with very high transaction fees.

We use an international foreign exchange firm specializing in money transfers for property. The Basics Never Fail Know who you are dealing with and make the effort to research them and their culture.

Americans are expected to be Americans…
be different and surprise your client! Learn a few words of their language…

Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, You are welcome, Yes, No… Do not be too quick to business…

take time and ask questions about their family and country. Not a new concept, but increased global wealth has blurred borders.

The World is attracted to America for many reasons.

Americans enjoy all things International as well. Communication technologies and ease of travel have made the world much more accessible.

Americans and foreigners alike have increased levels of comfort with owning property abroad.
Foreign buyers generally like working with American Brokers/Agents

Many countries do not require licensing for Estate Brokers/Agents. Be The Expert Age is respected in business by many cultures

Prove your experience and credentials without being boastful Make known any previous
international business
or travel experiences. Tell a Story Enjoy the Experience Best stories in life come from experiences…
especially the unique ones.

Stay in touch after the deal…
many cultures remain tightly bonded after a deal.

That relationship many times leads to referrals and continued business. Resources International Protocol Website

Under the “Resources”
tab click “Culture Vulture” FIABCI Website

Proxio Pro
www.proxiopro.com Resources REFX
Global Real Estate Foreign Exchange
vanessa@refxglobal.com Mike Mueller
Builder of websites,
facebook apps and other tech stuff henleyestatesinternational.com Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers Established in 1948 in Paris, France

Business Club of real estate professionals in 60 countries

Federation of 100 National Real Estate Associations

Represented by chapters in 48 countries with five official languages (English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish) Objective: A non-political entity whose objective is to help its members add an international dimension to their businesses. Helps members acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimize business opportunities all over the world.

Attend FIABCI Events – there are many in the U.S., as well as globally, throughout the year. Create an interesting title for yourself that is different from others.

Prepare yourself for unusual and pointed questions. Buyers enjoy the interesting and romantic characteristics of a property, not bedrooms & baths.

Tell the story of the lifestyle that property ownership in your area offers.

Tell a story they will want to tell their friends and family back home. Technical factors like bedrooms, baths, acreage, etc.,
only support the purchase… they do not motivate the buyer to purchase.
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