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Zico Marketing Plan

Oliver Berbecaru, Austin McCune, Martin Sung, Kyle Raines, Matthew Quandt

Liviu Berbecar

on 3 December 2009

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Transcript of Zico Marketing Plan

Oliver Berbecaru Martin Sung Kyle Raines Austin McCune Matthew Quandt Introduction SWOT Analysis Promotion Product Marketing Strategy Place Price Business Misson Statement:
“As a company, we’re on a mission to tell the world that Mother Nature made a better sports drink, ZICO pure coconut water. We’re athletes. We drink ZICO daily (lots of it!), know it works and want to help others make the switch to ZICO too. We also think coconut water can become an important alternative agricultural product for the developing world and are committed to bring you ZICO in a socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable way.”
Needs to emphasize ZICO’s social and environmental awareness & health benefits
Needs to be simple and minimal

Revised Statement:
“As a company, we're on a mission to tell the world that Mother Nature made a healthier sports drink, ZICO pure coconut water. We are committed to bring you ZICO in socially responsible and environmentally friendly ways.”

Time specific, short term goal
Complete integrated marketing campaign
Market share leader by 2014
Color is a strong identifier of a product and brand
Zico, O.N.E., and VitaCoco have similar color scheme
Unable to differentiate the brands
Strategic changes to containers while keeping the current themes
Taller and skinnier containers with re-sealable caps
Packaging Lack of wide range distribution Current retailers are not easy to find, limiting the potential of sales
More common grocers like Ralphs, Fresh N Easy, VONS, and Trader Joe’s
Swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses
Work with Coca Cola Co. to expand distribution
Taking full advantage of Amazon.com 12-packs are the only option on Amazon
Can lead to negative experience with the brand
Starter-pack: 4 drinks instead of 12
Variety-pack: Mix of regular coconut water and other flavored ZICO products
ZICO booklet: Creating a long term relationship between the company and its consumers
ZICO is the most expensive option No problem
Coconut water consumers tend to be more affluent
Quality of the drink is what matters
Promotion Competitively positioned as a healthy, natural sports drink

Focus on PR, Sales promotion and Digital Advertising

Using loss-leader strategy by offering free products or discounts to athletes

Sponsorship of various sporting events: emphasizing the health benefits

Can co-host large events with companies like Clif Bar to raise customer awareness

“Refueling Stations” at popular workout spots like the Venice Beach
Health Foods Niche
Socially Responsible
Simplicity Weakness:
No product differentiation
Unfamiliar taste
Minimal awareness
Company Size Opportunities:
Small company size
Changes in Consumer Trends
Psychographic Segmentation
Based on lifestyle choices
Target market: Yoga enthusiasts and athletes
Healthy lifestyles, educated, and affluent

Benefit Segmentation
Nutritional value of coconut water
Numerous benefits

Products are sold in yoga studios and health-food grocery stores
Loyal and reliable consumer base

Problem: Narrow marketing strategy will limit the future growth of the company
Two major adjustments:
1. To take a more demographic approach, focusing on gender and family life-cycle segmentation
Larger group of consumers
Consumer segment that holds the decision making power
Capitalize on the trend towards health conscious consumerism

2. To narrow its target market in athletics
Classier sports like tennis, golf, swimming, and cycling
Rapidly increasing popularity in the United States
Digital Advertising/Marketing:
Develop Viral Marketing Identity
Twitter for customer feedback
Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Online banners that reach the target market
FREE iPhone application: a recipe book or a simple sports game
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