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AP Latin Character Project

No description

Stephani Brownlee

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of AP Latin Character Project

Titus Labienus Familial Origin is disputed

Sources suggest he is from the town of Cingulum

Family of equestrian rank Titus Labienus On the Road to Caesar Voice of the Plebians

Habeas Corpus and Due Process

Worked closely with Pompey planted seed that
developed into a friendship with
Caesar Tribune of the Plebs Accused Gaius Rabirius of
Perduellio (treason)
for murder of Lucius Saturnius
and of his uncle Titus Labienus

Concerned the right of magistrates to put to death citizens no longer engaged in active hostilities. Highlights Aganist Cicero in trial (Pro Rabirio) Sumusne ibi? Sic, hic nunc sumus! used Rabirius for political gain

became Caesar's
lieutenant in Gaul.

Left Caesar to be under Pompey’s command during Civil War.

Yet Caesar took credit for most of Labienus’s accomplishments. Amicitium
cum Caesare Yet Caesar took credit for most of Labienus’s accomplishments. Thrown Overboard Terras iam
invadamus Name = great leader

He was a British chief man

Led tribe Cassivellanui (Belgic people)

Cassivellaunus had previously been at constant war with the British tribes, and had overthrown the king of the Trinovantes. Successfully held off roman invaders by using guerrilla warfare.
Against this threat the British tribes composed their differences and appointed Cassivellaunus as their overall leader.
assembled a large force on the north bank of the river with a strong contingent of charioteers, a favorite Celtic tactic. Successes Cassivellaunus Background Defeated by Ceasar in his second raid of Britain Defeats But his main allies now abandoned him, and in particular
the Trinovantes appealed to Caesar for
protection and the return of Mandubracius. Works Cited https://www.msu.edu/~tyrrell/labienus.html
http://www.historyonthenet.com/Chronology/timelineroman.htm J.C crossed the channel with 27,000 men
Landed on the Deal
Met Cassivellanus at the River of Thames
Cassivellanus burned the crops of the Roman forces
But he was forced to surrendeur Second British Raid July-Sept
54 AD
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