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Bryce Gallof- Assignment #1

No description

Bryce Gallof

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Bryce Gallof- Assignment #1

Article about nerds
Image of a Nerd
Link to a Website about Nerds
How to be a nerd.... !
A little outside the box...
What most people think- When they hear nerd
Forms of Multimedia Content- Nerds
Bryce Gallof- Assignment #1
Multimedia Cont'd
Are these Stereotypes true of nerds in the IT workforce?
In my conclusion, not exactly...
Just because someone works in the IT workforce doesn't exactly mean they are a nerd
Why do I believe this?
Firstly, my father has worked in the IT workforce and he is far from the "nerd stereotype"
There are plenty of people who work in IT that do it just to have a job, not because they love it
The nerd stereotype Today
The nerd stereotype is something that has changed over the years
At first it was looked at as someone who studied and liked school
Now, a nerd is more considered along the lines of someone who plays video games all the time
My interview- with Justin
A little about Justin
One of my best friends since 8th grade
One of the smartest individuals I've met
Far from looking like a "nerd"
Interview Questions
Do you consider yourself a nerd? Why or why not?
Have you ever been called a nerd?
What attributes make a person a nerd?
Do you think being called a nerd is an insult?
Interview Questions Cont'd
Are the people you hang out with nerds?
Name one reason why someone may of called you a nerd?
I would not consider myself a nerd because I enjoy being outdoors and not sitting on the computer and playing video games all day
Yes, I have been called a nerd a few times
I think some of the attributes that make a nerd are enjoying to read, being correct all the time, trying hard (in school) and being nonathletic
Answers Cont'd
I think being called a nerd is an insult. I don't think that anyone wants to be called a nerd. Most people become pretty defensive if they are called a nerd
I don't think any of the people are nerds that I hang out with. Yes, including you Bryce.
One reason that I can think of for why someone may of called me a nerd is become of my intelligence. I am not trying to sound arrogant, but I am a pretty smart individual and I enjoy being right
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