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No description

Mr Wardrop

on 27 June 2018

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Transcript of Aaron

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Orange Juice
How to make Orange Juice
Firstly, you need to soften the orange by rolling it, then slice it in half, using one half of the orange squeeze the slice of orange into a cup, using a spoon add the pulp directly in the juice. Add a bit of salt to make it tastier. That is how to make orange juice.
The inventor of orange juice is C.D. Atkins.
C.D. Atkins method of producing the orange juice was to heat the juice so that the water evaporates and then adding a bit of orange juice juices into the bottle and then freeze. That is how you make orange juice.
Here are
some extra assets :
By Aaron
By Aaron.C

The ingredients for orange juice are, an orange, a knife, a spoon, and salt
Idea 1
how might we organize the canteen? By placing certain foods on certain days, for e.g. the very healthy foods or green light food in the canteen every day. The amber foods on a Tuesday and Friday, and the red light food only on a Wednesday.
Control the canteen by using a TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM
The point of this is that kids are going too often to the canteen and we can't say when the children go and eat junk food, but we can have a say in what days they are allowed to eat certian foods on a day every week for e.g. Really bad food like pizza are not the best for an everyday food. Food that is heathy-ish like noodles can be in the canteen two days a week. Very healthy foods can be in the canteen every day.
Thank you all
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