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Presenting... The P.Vivaxine

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Chelsea Hanson

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Presenting... The P.Vivaxine

Presenting... The P. Vivaxine
The Best New Technology
What is the P.

The P. Vivaxine is a safe method for eradicating malaria over time.

- The vaccine's job overall is to stop further spreading of the malaria virus

- Primarily it stops your body from contracting the disease to begin with
What does it do?
Why did We Create The P. Vivaxine?
- Malaria kills 1,440 people per day and while that number is much lower than the 1900s, it is still a threat to societies of the world.
- Our vaccine is a cheaper alternative to current treatments.
How Does it Affect the Family?
- Currently, families in poverty stricken communities don't have good access to such treatments, as they can be too expensive, so having a cheap alternative available to them (like the P. Vivaxine) can save a lot of people
Changes To Other Societies
- People with families in areas affected by Malaria will be at ease

- Less financial strain on families from affected areas for expenses such as prevention and healthcare

- Governments of affected countries will be able to focus on other aspects of healthcare, aiding the economy

What is Malaria?
Contains a safe and inexpensive form of chloroquinine as well as a chemical developed to alter human pheromones and remove select scents that attract mosquitoes.

- The shot will also be administered at birth.
: a chemical substance produced and released by animals and insects attracting one another - usual undetectable by humans.
Other Treatments Include:
- Chloroquine, Quinine Sulfate, Hydroxychloroquine, Mefloquine (combined with the use of personal protection ie. insect repellent, mosquito nets)

- Transfusions (paired with antimalarial drugs and IV drips)
What Do Social Scientists Think?
- Changes the mentality of entire communities, now that a cure has been discovered
- People are given hope and happiness
- Our vaccine is creating an advanced form of humans, hopefully affecting our evolutionary path and soon there will be no need for a vaccine

-Sociologists would consider the health and well-being of a family affected by the virus and the affect that our revolutionary vaccine has on suffering families
How does it Benefit/Change Society?
- The P. Vivaxine has the power to change the way we see malaria

- Researchers at the
John Hopkins Malaria Research Institute
conclude that "Stopping malaria transmission completely, has long lasting benefits for many countries and once eliminated, the disease is unlikely to emerge."
Impacts on the Environment
- Chloroquinine: for those who have already contracted the Malaria virus
- Pheromone blockers: blocks the select chemical markers that attract mosquito
- Funding from the World Health Organization (WHO)
- Used in clinics across the globe as a mandatory drug
- The vaccine should be given out every 10 years due to the body's natural process of removing foreign substances
- Disposed in biomedical waste bins for safe removal
CHEM Corp.
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