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Social Networking

No description

stephanie watts

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking

Social Networking Thesis History First Argument Second Argument Rebuttal Conclusion Since the inception of social networking sites opportunities for jobs and advertising agencies has drastically increased. In the past few years, online social networking has become a popular way for people to chat with each another
In the people have got hired for jobs people everywhere love thses sites by stephanie watts social networking sites can bring confidence Social networking sites allow for socialization, Social networking sites allow for people from all around the world to communicate and socialize with different cultures and people. Social networking has educational benefits as well. Social networking has educational benefits as well. safe and responsible information Although there are problems such as sexual predators, that seek out and prey on teenagers and they sometimes lie about there ages just to lure teens to them. If the parent of the child is watching what their child is doing on these sites then they can prevent this from occurring. There are also privacy settings on the sites Ultimately the use of social networking has brought some good to the world. admittedly social networking sites has helped many advertising agencies and job sites boost their rates up. In fact of them they help kids and teens with their school work.
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