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Mapping the Moral Terrain of Tuberculosis

TB Control Symposium presentation, Thursday 1 May 2014

Paul Mason

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Mapping the Moral Terrain of Tuberculosis

Mapping the Moral Terrain of Tuberculosis
Paul Mason, Woolcock Vietnam

Thinking of culture
as a system
Culture is not just a set of practices.

Culture also comprises a set of relations between practices.

Culture is permeable, changing, and dynamic.
Driving in Vietnam
No headchecks.

Using indicators is not necessary.

Use your horn to indicate you are behind someone.

Maintain velocity and trajectory.

Cultural sensitivity
1. Sensitivity to the Vietnamese Culture

2. Sensitivity to the Australian Culture of Medical Research

3. Most importantly, a sensitivity to the kind of cultural practices we endorse and the culture we want to create.
Cultural relativity not cultural nihilism.

Cultural creation not cultural crystallisation.

What kind of culture of medical practice do we want to create in places that do not share the same history of medical science?
Lots of bones

A mixture of unappealing textures

You have to eat it carefully so that you don't pierce your soft pallet with a pointy bone or swallow a sharp bit of cartilage
Ice Cream
Smooth texture

Sweet flavour

You can eat big, soft clumps of ice cream that squelch around in your mouth before you swallow each cold delicious mouthful.
Treatment of Patients
Attitudes and behaviours towards patients

Hierarchical relations

Social space
Cultural history
Vietnam does not share the same history of Medical science as European, American or Australian societies.
Same object, different significance
Wearing face masks for dust but also as sunscreen.
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