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Copy of SAP Variant configuration

SAP Variant configuration overview

Kathryn Lovik

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of SAP Variant configuration

Variant Configuration
Variant configuration is for manufacturing complex products. The manufacturer is always having to offer new variants of its products. Often, new variants are created by modifying existing product designs as you process the order
We do not need to create a separate material for each variant of a product in our company. We can use one configurable material to cover all variants. We create a super BOM and a super routing for this material, containing all the components and operations for producing all variants of the product.
To define the features of a configurable material, we use characteristics. To enable to use characteristics to configure a material, we assign the material to a class of class type 300.The customer can choose from among different options for each characteristic (values).
Configurable Material
Super BOM
Super Route
The only limitations are combinations of features that are not possible for either technical or marketing reasons. In Variant
Configuration, we use dependencies to control this. This prevents combinations of options that are not allowed. Dependencies also select exactly the right BOM components and operations to produce a variant.
Each configurable object must have a configuration profile. The configuration profile for a material controls the configuration process in the sales order.
Configuration profile
We can make the price of a variant dependent on the characteristic values assigned (Pricing).
We can use variant conditions to define surcharges and discounts for a variant.
Variant conditions
For variants that are required frequently, we can create material variants, which can be
produced without a sales order and kept in stock. When we receive a sales order, we can check whether the variant required is in stock, so that you can deliver immediately.
Material variant
HOW they all fit together?
Characteristic 1
Characteristic 2
Characteristic 3
Value 1-1
Value 1-2
Value 1-3
Value 2-1
Value 2-2
Value 3-1
Value 3-2
Value 3-3
Value ....
Configurable Material
Configuration profile
Super BOM
Super Route
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Operation 10
Operation 20
Purchasing/ Pricing
Variant condition

Variant material
Operation ...
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