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Text Structure Project

Compare and Contrast

Ms. Sabbagh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Text Structure Project

-played outside
-individual and team sport
-play tell you finish
-boy and girl sport
-played on a track
-timed -Both played by boys and girls
-Both physical and mental games Text Structure Project: Volleyball and Track Haven Stutz
English 4th hour
Ms. Sabbagh
12/19/12 Track Volleyball My Favorite Sports Similarities -On a court
-played inside
-played with a ball
-a team sport
-play tell either team gets 25
-boy and girl sport Compare and Contrast Differences Track is played outside
Volleyball is played inside
Track you try to out run everyone
Volleyball you try get 25 points
Volleyball you use a ball and Track you use yourself. Volleyball and Track are alike and different in many ways. One's played inside and one is played outside, they're both played by girls and boys. They may be different from each other but that is what makes them my favorite sports. Conclusion Volleyball -played inside
-played tell one team gets 25 points
-play tell
-best 2/3 games to win the game
6 players on court
-uses a ball
-played in summer and fall -both played by girls and boys
-team sports
-mental and physical sports
-fast/quick Track -individual and team sport
-use yourself
-played outside
-try to outrun everyone
-played in spring
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