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MGMT 231 Ocean Park

MKTG 345 2011 Presentation

Annie Chow

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of MGMT 231 Ocean Park

MGMT 231 L2 Team 4
Annie Chow
Shan Ng
Karen Tam
Donna Chow Company Background Founded in 1977
Offer 37 attractions
Situated in the Southern District of Hong Kong
World's Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park by Forbes Business Strategy Appeal to a large range of consumers
Provide excellent customer service
Provide good value for all its visitors
Increase operational efficiency
Diversifying the park’s attractions while keeping its Hong Kong origin.
Become a world leader in providing excellent guest experiences in a theme park environment connecting people with nature. Main competitor: Disneyland
Other resorts and hotels in the hospitality industry
Ocean Park differentiates itself by:
Emphasizing on the educational and developmental aspects
Symbolic representation of the Hong Kong culture
Competitors HR Practices Training & Development

Compensation, Benefits & Rewards Provide excellent customer service
Training and development provide the necessary skills
Compensation and rewards indirectly motivates them to provide better customer service
Operation Efficiency
Training and development help to enhance their knowledge, allowing to be more efficient and effective
Compensation and rewards retain employees reducing rehiring and retraining costs Link Strategy to HR Training & Development Who Should Be Trained? Designing Training Analysis Assessing Readiness for Training Employee Characteristics
Believes that many of their staff are naturally motivated towards training

Manager Support
HR manager defined as largest challenge

Working Environment
Training is during work time, therefore paid 4 mediums to conduct training 4 levels of employees

Evaluating Training Programs Development Measuring total number of training hours
Guest satisfaction survey
Indirect and ineffective ways of evaluating training Development programs based on ocean Park Core Competency Model
Subsidies for staff to learn new skills
Training Objecitve
Clearly stated and linked to business strategy of serving customers better
Make it easier to link training to daily jobs
In-house Training
Helps to better foster organizational culture Evaluation Recommendations Agenda Company Background
Business Strategy
Training & Development
Compensation, Benefits & Rewards
There will be prizes! Analysis Factors Affecting Pay Structure Benefits Rewards Evaluating Pay Structure Employee performance
Market Situation
Local & Foreign Pay Ocean Park Citybus Discounts
Medical & Dental Insurance
Staff Discounts
Minimum Legal Requirement of Paid Sick Leave Days

Above market pay & generous benefits help the company to retain emplyoees
Best Staff Award
Peer Nominations

Motivate employees to serve the guests better
Aligns with strategy to provide a great experience to customers Use "Engagement Survey" to measure how willing employees are to say good things about Ocean Park
Measure compensation satisfaction indirectly
Low willingness may not be caused by compensation Evaluation Recommendations Evaluation Recommendation Recommendation Compensation, Benefits & Rewards Game Question 1 Name two of the training methods that Ocean Park uses Game Question 2 Name two benefits that Ocean Park gives to its employees Q&A
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