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sam koltisko

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Vikings

Vikings Economics Thanks For Watching Architecture Mythology Gods:
the viking god of lightning and thunder. The most powerful son of Odin. In the mythology he was killed by Loki's son. (of course Marvel didn't reveal that) His brother is Loki.
one of the three original gods that defeated the world giant. Has one gold eye. Was eventually killed by a pair of giant wolves.
was the evil son of Odin. His son killed Loki's brother Thor. His punishment was to have acid drip onto him forever. Time Line 800 1100 9nth century Viking Armor Weapons Clothes Clap Now The Start of Awesome The Strongest Moment The Fall of Greatness Language Norse Scandinavian Irish Americas When you think of Vikings architecture, you normally think of their boats and big ships. a long time ago in Scandinavia, during the viking age, they spoke a language called Old Norse. Nobody knows how to speak this now. When people ask you to speak viking you can't, it's not a real language it is like speaking pirate, it is more of a way of speaking. They used runes. Which are letters from an old germanic language lines. A vikings normal every day clothes would consist of a knee length tunic, trousers or hose and a type of long leggings. They wore very sturdy boots. They also wore a big cloak held by a broach to keep them warm Most vikings went to battle in their normal clothes, but they also wore some more stuff to protect them. For instance, they wore mail armor to help stop swords from hurting the chest area. Helmets and shields were used to protect themselves too. Some of the weapons the vikings used were axes, two-handed axes, spears, swords and double edged swords. The vikings favored their swords more than any other weapon because they are light and do more damage. But really the Vikings built a lot of fascinating things. Like there churches had great engraving and good structure. But really there houses had a great frame and structure that kept rain away or snow. This is one of there boats That pole is the main support that holds it all together Vikings would sit here and row for month to find land When the vikings fell the medieval knights rose They started out with a bunch of people stealing stuff Killing These Vikings were the base, all the vikings started here and moved out The Scandinavian vikings consist of Denmark Norway, and Sweden The Irish vikings built there land and settlements just in Ireland. These Vikings didn't move that much and travel These Vikings spent most of there time on boats they were scared of monsters when they traveled, but there religion and culture is still the same as the Scandinavian Vikings This was pretty much a religion , but every viking till the end was a Norse The Viking economics wasn't much, but they did do a lot of bartering from time to time. And in there settlements they did have cooks, or silversmith, and arsenals that all made a living Recreational
Fun •Vikings would make stew in big iron pots, it was made of, lamb, beans, peas, carrots, & turnips.
• They would have feasts, made of, horse meat, roast lamb, fish & pork.
• They made bread by grinding corn into flour then tossing it in mills it is then mixed with water to make bread.
• For lunch they had, cottage cheese, bread with butter, & water.
• Vikings rubbed salt on the food to keep it from rotting. FAMILY LIFE Vikings were more loyal to their family than their leader
Feuds start when one person kills another.
Weather they were married or not, women were respected.
They got to keep their land when they chose who they married When families get in fights, it's called a feud.
Feuds start when one person kills another.
When a baby is born the father wraps his cloak around it, if the baby is deformed they will leave it out to die:(

Year round water sports that are:
The sports of rowing, sailing, and swimming were among the sea sports.

Main winter sport was a ball game played on a frozen lake somewhat like handball.
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Gassos, Polores. "Vikings". Chelsea House.2005. p.4-29 players would try to force their opponent on to the stone. This would sometimes result in death
They would also fight on horseback.
Falconry is just a different form of hunting, where people train the falcons to hunt the animals. The most famous Viking sport was, of course the most deadly sport. Wresting!
There would be a level field with a very sharp stone in the middle. Wrestling running was a main summer sport main sport.
Archery was a popular summer sport along with fencing. Ice skate. Summer Sports Year round/Winter sports Works Cited
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