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Skyline CPI


Peter Pasque

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Skyline CPI

Growing Digital:
Grassroots Google Integration
for Staff & Students How it Began Video Student Learning Networks:
SLNs to Build a
Foundation for Life-long Learning Student
Networks are the same as:
Personal Learning Networks
Professional Learning Networks
Communities of Practice Isomorphisms This Geeky Kid
Wasn't very Organized Backpacks Trapper Keepers Learning Networks often include:
Linked In So what do kids
have to keep track
of these days? SLNs Face to face classes
Online classes
Multiple bell schedules
Theatre Teacher Websites
Online tools
Online assignments
Paper materials
the list goes on... These old systems
just aren't cutting it This Geeky Kid So what could an
online SLN look like? ? ? ? ? ? ? That depends on what you are comfortable with At Skyline HS we use Google, so... This Geeky Kid Or your Favorite Site This Geeky Kid How can this happen?
Using Skyline's Grassroots Portfolio Model
Integrate this into 1 Freshman course that all students take
Leverage these skills in every other course Implications
Students are empowered to take a more active role in their education and the direction it takes
Providing powerful academic uses for Social Media Why should this be implemented?
We are obligated to provide our students with a meaningful method to structure and organize their digital lives Next Steps
Introduce this to your school and implement it in any scale you can
Use this model to strengthen the argument that ALL schools should have a dedicated computing device for EVERY student! What if we brought a locked cart full of pencils and paper to our classroom so the students could use them?

What if we took our students to a special room where they were able to use a pencil and paper? How can Student Learning Networks help students organize their online lives and prepare them for the future? An is an online location where students can organize their academic resources, research, create, and share their finished products all while learning with others SLN This Geeky Kid SLNs are tools to help this Geeky Kid stay organized in this increasingly abstract world Peter Pasque
Instructional Technology
Lead Teacher
bit.ly/googleportfolio Kristal Jaaskelainen
ELA Lead Teacher
bit.ly/googleportfolio Who's here?
Google Form
bit.ly/iste-gg Basic Application Intermediate Application Advanced Application http://bit.ly/googleportfolio Advanced Application Reluctant staff can't
stop the Grassroots Google
process from growing Skyline CPI Site
bit.ly/googleportfolio Student Portfolios Curriculum Sites Student Learning
Networks So he will build his
SLN in Google Sites Teacher Tips! Turn & Talk
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