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Roaming Around the Known

A brief overview of Reading Recovery Roaming Around the Known Sessions

Carrie Boettcher

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Roaming Around the Known

Roaming Around the Known Early Reading Empowerment What It Is What It Is Not Why do it? Questions to Ask What It Looks Like?
Praise, praise,
and more praise Activities the Child already knows how to do

A time to build confidence and fluency for the child

The first ten sessions of your Early Reading Empowerment lessons

Activities involving daily reading, writing, word work, and expansion of oral language
Roaming Around the Known is NOT a
time for purposely teaching new
strategies, words, or processes. To build a relationship between a teacher and student

Observe how a child responds

Discovery for child of things he didn't know he knew

Help child build confidence through activities he can control

Modeling time for the teacher

Creates a "SPRINGBOARD" for new learning

Requires teacher to stop "teaching" preconceived ideas and focus on what the child can already do What does my student do well?

How does he help himself?

What more have you noticed he know about
sounds, letters, and words?

Did he surprise you?

What is the longest utterance you have
heard him construct? Roaming Around the Known Presentation Information from Literacy Lessons 1, Clay Marie M. 2005 Remember: Praise! Praise! More Praise!!!
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