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Body system poems

No description

r c

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Body system poems

Body System Poems By Riley Crowther Bones Bones Stores substances
in your body for your health.
feed them, compact bone,
care for them, spongy bone,
let them grow. It's all there!

Bones bones Bones bones
they do so much Shape, support
shape you, protection and storage
support you, let's give them milk
make you sturdy so we stay strong! Skeletal System By Riley Crowther Pow!
The muscles contract
Now they relax
thump THUMP thump THUMP!
Cardiac muscles hard at work
Skeletal muscles slice the air
inhale exhale!
the smooth muscles breath
They all do their
job as we live are life The Muscular System By Riley Crowther
Inspired by Anorld Adoff The Digestive system The heart it never stops
For if it does than we will drop

Feeds oxygen to blood
like rain feed water to a flood

Through out the day
work or at play

All day and through our sleep
It's steady beat it will keep at work or at play The Cardiovascular System By Riley Crowther The Respiratory System By Riley Crowther
Inspired by William Carlos Williams so much depends

Breathing in and

letting our lungs

so our heart
beats The Excretory System By Riley Crowther The urethra, the kidney, the bladder
They always serve in the same pattern
To help eliminate waste
as they all work with great haste

The digestive system it works with
Hand in hand, its not a myth
They both break down food
to put you in a good mood The Nervous System By Riley Crowther When I touch the stove that is hot hot hot
My hand develops a big red spot spot spot
It stings like a buzzing bee bee bee
But I think: what is going on inside of me me me?

Well, my nerves send a message to my brain brain brain
that says: STOP! that is giving me pain pain pain!
So I pull my hand away fast fast fast
and hope the pain won't last last last Ode to the Systems By Riley Crowther
Inspired by SC Rigg By Riley Crowther inspired by Gary Soto The are all around our body - even by our pores,
muscular-skeletal-and much much more.
They digest-pump blood- and every thing else
we don't thank them every day; even I myself.

They are behind the scenes; working together
every single day and in every weather.
so let's give a shout out of HOORAY!
For they help us in every way.

The muscular and skeletal system make us move
while the digestive and excretory system work with food.
The cardiovascular and respiratory system let us breath,
so I thank all the systems inside of me. The End
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