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Copy of Introduction to Close Reading

No description

Mrs. Spangler

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Close Reading

What is Close Reading? Conclusion Process Read Why close read? Close Reading (Definition) The careful and purposeful interpretation of a text, wherein which readers pay close attention to the way ideas unfold as they are read. Student Interviews To support our understanding of what an author is really saying Close Reading and Common Core Step One: Read the text independently to yourself.
Close Reading requires that you address complex pieces of writing on your own, then we will re-read together as a class. Vocabulary Step Two: Identify at least five words in the text that are unfamiliar to you and we will define them prior to re-reading. Text-Dependent Questions Step Three: These are questions that require you to go back into the text to answer. They are not opinion questions, rather they require you to support your answers with details from the passage. PAUSE: Scale of 1-4 how well do you understand Close Reading so far? Students get the chance to revisit the text to become all the different roles of reading Meaning Maker Comprehending the text at the level intended by the author. Understanding that the text is not neutral and that existing biases inform calls to action. Text User Text Critic Analyzing the factors that influenced the author and the text. Certain texts need to be read and digested.
What does the text say?
How does the author say it?
Why does it matter? Directed Note Taking Step Four: Using the Guiding Question and Coding Strategies, go back and take notes, and mark the text using appropriate codes. Final Written Response This is when you will use what you have learned from tackling the text independently, as a group, and through our class discussions to answer the Essential Question using support from the text. The kind of "learning" in this video just isn't good enough anymore. We have to dig deeper! "Read like a detective and write like a reporter"
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