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Porcia Catonis

No description

Arijana O

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Porcia Catonis

Ancient Rome Early Life Marriages Death Porcia in Pop Culture - Arijana Omanovic -
- Emily Reinertson - Born in 70 BC and died in 43 Bc.
Daughter of Marcus Porcius Cato Uticencis
and his first wife, Atilia.
Marcus and Atilia divorced when Porcia was very young.
Porcia was known for her beauty and youth. At a young age, she married Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus.
With him, she had one son, Lucius.
Afterward, she married Quintus Hortensius,
then when he died, remarried Marcus.
Her most popular marriage was to Brutus.
It was very scandalous since he had no
reason of divorcing his last wife.
Marcus and Porcia had a son, who died
in 43 BC. Said to have commited suicide in 43 BC by swallowing live coals.
Some historians believe that she took her life because she believed Brutus had died in battle.
Although, some believe that she died from some lingering illness. That is the most accurate account of her
death. A character named Porcia appeared in
Shakespear's play "Julius Caesar" as Brutus'
In Robert Garnier's play "Porcie", she is the heroine of the play, which describes her suicide.
In "The Purgatory of Suicides" by Thomas Cooper, Porcia is one of the suicides spoken of in the poem. Thank you! Porcia Catonis
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