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No description

Aaron Mendoza

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Climax

Plot:Two Brothers
By: Rony V. Diaz
Simo - brother

Litoy - older brother

Mang Orto - an old man
Simo was being hurt again but this time it was severe because it was an explosion from the steamboat. He felt a solid wall of water hit him. And his body became numb. He completely lost his muscular control and felt a violent kick strike him on the face. Then his body stiffened.
at the dock
Man vs Man

When they spear fishing Litoy really look after for his brother. They got Maya-Maya and Lapu-Lapu. Litoy wants to go home but Simo dive alone because he wants to impress his older brother. He cut himself by the oyster shells. Litoy is very worried but he pretend that he is ok and continuously fishing like nothing happened.
Litoy tries to stop the bleeding and save his brother buy Simo resisted. They tried to take Simo to the hospital but Litoy seemed not to hear it. His brother Simon is delirious.
At the end Simo lost his conciousness his older brother trying his best to save him. The stevedore said that they are going to take the body of his brother to the hospital.
at the black sea
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