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Sustainability Journey Prezumé

No description

Chad Carwein

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Sustainability Journey Prezumé

Chad G. Carwein
Concentrations: Sustainability and Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management

Awards: SPEA Service Corps Fellowship, SPEA Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Activities: SPEA Student Ambassadors Program, Students Taking Active Roles Today (START)
University of Kentucky Lexington, KY
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Spanish, GPA 3.6 / 4.0 May 2009
Awards: Education Abroad Office Scholarship, Dean’s List 2005-2008, magna cum laude

Activities: Student Government Association, Dance Blue Marathon, Psychology Research

Study Abroad: University of Granada (Spain) Center of Modern Languages, summer 2008
Applied Ecology
Environmental Law
Environmental Statistics
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Management
Environmental Risk Analysis
Solid & Hazardous Waste Management
Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment
Natural Resource Management & Policy
Applied Math For Environmental Science
Proposal Development & Grant Administration
Human Behavior & Energy Consumption
Sustainable Development Systems
Public Management Economics
Public Finance & Budgeting
Sustainable Communities
Data Analysis & Modeling
Benefit Cost Analysis
Law & Public Affairs
Public Management
E-House Vermicomposting Guide
Policy Brief on Urban Greenway Planning (2010)
Grant Proposal for Salt Creek Watershed Alliance (2011)
Case Study on India's Formal Sector E-Waste Recycling (2011)
Fiscal Review of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department (2011)
Green Events Guidelines for City of Bloomington Environmental Commission (2011)
Case Study on Clean Air Act Regulation of Greenhouse Gases (2011)
Walk Friendly Communities Assessment Tool (2012)
Industrial Ecology: An analysis of waste minimization potential (2012)
Cost-Benefit Analysis on City of Bloomington Public Composting Program (2012)
Ecological Risk Assessment of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (2012)
Effects of heavy metal exposure to macros in the IDNL
Lawns for Life Outreach Brochure
Safe and Non-Toxic Lawn Care Fact Sheet
Deer-Resistant Native Plant Species Fact Sheet
Green Infrastructure Section of the BEQI Report
Website Map and Detailed Content Outline
Monroe County SWCD Quarterly Newsletters
Bi-annual Bean Blossom Watershed Reports
LFUCG Green Times Quarterly Newsletters
LFUCG Mission Green Team Sub-Committee Reports
LFUCG "Greening Government" Promotional Materials
"Chad is a dedicated learner who is well-organized, dependable, mature, kind, courteous and compassionate. He is
a natural leader gifted with a rare depth of emotional intelligence. Chad also possesses outstanding analytical and
critical thinking skills balanced with a creative flair for problem solving. He sees the larger systems and is able to
discern which stakeholders need to be at the table to make a project a success. As a collaborator, Chad makes
everyone around him better." -
Bill Brown, IU Director of Sustainability and Secretary on the AASHE Board
Working with Chad was a positive opportunity for all involved and he would make a good addition to any agency,
organization or business."
- Martha Miller, Monroe County SWCD Manager
"Chad led several Monroe County storm water management projects, showing init
ative, leadership, and group
management skills while working with many different agencies and individuals."
- Cathy Meyer, Monroe County
Parks and Recreation Naturalist
"Chad is a person of high integrity who possesses the ability to envision a project, develop the project and see it
through to a successful conclusion. He engages 100%."
- Robert Woodling, Monroe County SWCD Board Supervisor
"Chad's knowledge of and passion for environmental issues and his excellent work ethic has made him an integral
part of the department. Chad is also flexible and willing to take on work anywhere he is needed because whatever
it takes he is willing to do."
- Cheryl Taylor, LFUCG Department of Environmental Quality Commissioner
Sustainability is a journey not a destination and this is the path I have taken...
Chad Gregory Carwein
3220 Dreiser Place
Greensboro, NC 27405


Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Bloomington, IN
Master of Public Affairs, Master of Science in Environmental Science, GPA 3.6 / 4.0 May 2009
MPA-MSES, December 2012
Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Bloomington, IN
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Professor Bill Brown’s Sustainable Communities Course August – December 2012
City of Bloomington Environmental Commission (CBEC) Bloomington, IN
Research Intern, Bloomington Environmental Quality Indicators (BEQI) Report May – August 2012
Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Bloomington, IN
SPEA Service Corps Fellow, Education and Outreach Coordinator August 2010 – November 2012
Wrote multiple grant proposals for financial awards, securing $3,200 in District funding
Edited and published mass mailings and e-newsletters to publicize natural resource conservation
Planned hands-on workshop events and gave presentations at public meetings to diffuse innovations
Served on local government committees and established community partnerships to co-produce outcomes
Structured, implemented and maintained 1st and 2nd annual rain barrel sales program, raising $2,500 in revenue
Redesigned the SWCD website and established social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to promote services
Supervised urban agriculture and storm water management project at local Community Kitchen. Recruited volunteers
to remove invasive species, plant two rain gardens, install three rain barrels, and construct seven raised garden beds
Summer Intern, “Lawns for Life” Public Education and Outreach Campaign May – August 2012
Conducted research and created sustainability indicators to develop baseline measures of local Green Infrastructure
Researched native plant species and organic lawn care methods to create natural landscaping promotional materials
Leveraged community-based social marketing techniques and worked with local media to reduce lawn chemical usage
Assisted student project groups in conducting a Walk Friendly Communities assessment for the City of Bloomington
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Lexington, KY
Undergraduate Student Intern, Department of Environmental Quality October 2008 – May 2010
Facilitated local government entry into Bluegrass PRIDE Waste Buster and Water Saver programs
Demonstrated leadership skills by holding Sub-Committee Chair positions on the Mission Green Team
Coordinated internal composting pilot program, which is now in the process of being implemented citywide
Wrote articles for Division of Waste Management newsletters distributed quarterly to over 120,000 households
Translated promotional materials for Hispanic outreach and education programs to raise community engagement
Created emissions inventories and quantified the effects of existing and proposed emissions reduction measures in order to predict future levels of emissions, set targets for reduction, and track progress toward meeting those goals
(317) 696-6437
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