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career shadowing


kelsey pirkle

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Career Shadowing I'm Career shadowing Bobby Pirkle
he works at Ivesco llc; which is an
animal health supplier for many
bussinesses in the US. His job title is
sales manger. The pupose of Ivesco is to supply stores
in the US that are or have an animal
health department. empolability skills needed at Ivesco is
1. to follow instructions.
2. get along with peers.
3. be on time.
4. don't be rude.
5. treat customers with respect. The technology used in this field
are computers/laptops to send in
orders for stores. phones to stay
in-touch with the customers. email
to talk back an forth with peers,
customers, and boss. the company plans on
becoming the largests
animal health supplier
known in the next 15
years. 40,000-80,000 a year and
they need a experiance
and four year of college to work here you must be polite to your customers, listen to your boss, and have well speacking skills so you can communicate with everyone you work with clearly. i dont thnk i would have a career in this job field,
because i dont want a inside job. this job keeps
you cooped up all day. i like the being around
people all day best
about this job what i didn't like about this job was always being inside instead of outside like the job i plan on pursing kelsey pirkle
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