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Social Enterprise

No description

Grace Thong

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Enterprise

A charity is an incorporated/ non-incorporated tax exempt body
created and operated for charitable purposes,
employing all its resources to those charitable activities that are under its direct control,
does not distribute any part of the income generated for the benefit of any trustee, trustor, member, or other private individual,
does not contribute to or associates with political organizations. Advantages and Disadvantages Current Affairs Social enterprises are gaining more awareness in the media! Introduction: What is it? Case Study: Chicken Haven Video Definition:
Social enterprises are social mission driven organizations which apply market based strategies to achieve a social purpose. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE 101 Interested in starting your own social enterprise? Charity Social Enterprise Why YOU should start your own Social Enterprise
especially during University / College A Business!
Refers to any non-profit, for-profit or hybrid corporate form that utilises market-based strategies to advance a social cause.
It aims to create surpluses, but seeks to reinvest those surpluses to achieve its social objectives. Plough-back-profit Model Subsidised Services Model Commercial rates to mainstream customers
Subsidised services to needy and/or disadvantaged clients
-> People who could not usually afford certain services now have access to them, improving their quality of life. Work Integration Model It provides skills training and/or employment opportunities to the needy disadvantaged (i.e. those who have higher than usual barriers to employment, such as ex-offenders) as a means to reintegrate them into society and encourage self-reliance. They give an opportunity to people who may not find employment on the open market. Social Needs Model These social enterprises are designed to serve society's social needs or address certain social issues. These issues can include community bonding, family bonding and racial harmony. Objective Earn profits
Empower the socially disadvantaged group
Train them to be independent by giving them the ability to make their own decisions
Time management
Innovate and sharing
Planning Background Information How to get started on your own Social Enterprise There are even diploma courses that that aim to educate students on how SEs work and how to set up/work in one Corporate business What's the difference? Promotes a more sustainable form of charitable activity.
Operations & resource allocation
Transparency & accountability Succeeding in business is hard. Succeeding in social enterprise is HARDER. Teach a man to fish... Increases pressure on other businesses to at least have a social mission. It cannot be the single magical antidote for social issues. May absolve other businesses of social responsibilities/ be used as a mask for profit-driven activity. Any organization engaged in making a product or providing a service for a profit. Social mission + a business plan
While in a normal business performance is measured by profit and return, social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society. ISE in SMU! It might not be as difficult as you think! Social enterprise set up in 2012 with the help of the Social Enterprise Associaltion of Singapore. Encouraging Social Enterprises in Singapore DBS: Social Enterprise Banking Package "Virtually free banking''
No min. deposit
No min. balance Funding/Support available from Government, Foundations, financial institutions, and venture capitalists! Eighteen Chefs Winner of 2012 President's Challenge SE Award Benny Se Teo
Ex-convict Engages youths at risk or ex-offenders. Makes up 30% of his staff The objective of these social enterprises is to generate profit to fund the social programmes of their affiliated or parent charities. This helps VWOs or charities reduce their reliance on donations and enhance their financial sustainability. If the report is satisfactory... Double Helix A Social Enterprise based in Singapore using cutting edge genetics to address forest management and environmental conservation issues. O School To generate funds for low income Singapore youths to complete their secondary school education via City College. You can do good while doing business Do something sensible enough yet dream big Room for improvement and don't be afraid
of failures Role Modele Role Modele is a tuition centre which will cover 80 per cent of the tuition fees for eligible students who might not be able to afford them THANK YOU! :) Any questions?
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