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Greek Mythology Project : Medusa

No description

Katie Gottlieb

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Project : Medusa

Greek Mythology of Medusa Daughter of Phorcyrs and Ceta, she was a Gorgon, the only daughter subject to mortality. She has been described both as beautiful and monstorous, in many different stories. Transformation Relationships Statue of Medusa's Head Perseus and Medusa Death The Goddess Athena Medusa Medusa was said to have been raped in one story by Poseidon, and because of Athena's rage, the Goddess transformed her into a horrendous monster with serpents for hair and the ability to turn onlookers to stone with just a glimpse.
In another story, Athena was jealous of Medusa's beauty and transformed her into the monster. Medusa's relationships with Poseidon, Athena, and Perseus have led up to her death. Athena hated Medusa, for either her beauty or because Poseidon fell for her charm and raped her in Athena's temple. Perseus, who killed Medusa, was aided by Athena on his quest. Poseidon, who saw Medusa as a beautiful maiden priestess in Athena's temple, raped her. Medusa was killed by Perseus, who decapitated her, bring peace to the Greek male order once again. Though Medusa is dead, her head still holds the power to turn those who look into her eyes to stone. It is said that her head is either on Athena's shield or that Persephus buried it in the marketplace of Argos. Medusa Perseus killing Medusa. Statue of Athena
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