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What is an Interactive Notebook?

No description

Adia Norris

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of What is an Interactive Notebook?

Why should I use them in my classroom?
*Students use multiple intelligences

*Note taking becomes an active process

*Portfolios of individual learning (including assessments

*Requires students to learn organizational skills

*Supports Common Core

What are the challenges of using them?
What are my choices in implementation?
(make sure to continue practices, not start new ones)
PD Complete!
What is an Interactive Notebook?
Can I set it up now?
"Now where did I put her assignment?"
"I cleaned out my backpack and threw it out on accident."
"My teacher didn't teach that last year!"
It is a binder, spiral, or composition notebook that becomes a working portfolio of student work. It contains any and everything YOU choose: from articles and handouts, to foldables and tests.

An interactive notebook is a teaching strategy made popular by History Alive!, a program of the Teacher’s Curriculum Institute. You can learn the basics and implement very quickly – and you can take many years developing your individual processes and assignments, catering to content areas, grade levels, and curriculum.

Essentially, it's organized, colorful, PERSONALIZED, and allows for student input!
*Doesn't benefit all of the multiple intelligences.
*If they get lost, you are DOOMED!
*They are good for ONE content area.
*Take time, effort, energy and $$$ to maintain.
*Difficult for students with strong organizational skills
These challenges should be addressed in how you choose to implement Interactive Notebooks!

*Necessary Components (all-encompassing vs selective)
*Notebook Choices
*Home/School Transition
*Time Management (Modeling/Upkeep)
*Online Resources
*Necessary Components (all-encompassing vs selective) *Notebook Choices
*Home/School Transition
*Time Management (Modeling/Upkeep)


n. 1. A collection of notes taken from reading, listening, discussion, and viewing, including corresponding responses, either in graphic or written form. First introduced in Addison- Wesley’s History Alive! 2. Daily journal-type recording of student-written class notes from reading, lecture, and discussions, and the reflective and metacognitive responses students make to their own note taking.”
 (Carter, Hernandez, & Richison, 2009)
What's the most effective I.N. design?
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