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Sara Bonifácio

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Facebook

Our Past (2014)
Replace the trash collector (sewage system)

Turn the Physical-Chemical process into a biological process

Create a specific station at the Water Waste Treatment Plant (WWTP) to reduce the organic trash
The Alviela river has its Spring in the the central region of Portugal. The Alviela River’s spring is known as “Olhos de Água” ("Water Eyes").
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Your Future Alviela River (2101)
Video travel to the past

Status Update

Alviela is now ready to welcome you!!!
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June, 2016
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Sara Bonifácio, Catarina Gomez and Miguel Malaca shared this
Update (2101)
Differentiation between the rainwater and the waters that reach WWTP
Other uses of the water
The water may be used to help cereal grinding watermills

Less contaminated water
Less contaminated industrial muds (leather industry processing leftovers) that can be used on other purposes
Less quantity of muds
Muds become more stable
Improvements in the water's quality standards

Less aggressive and polluted muds
Status Update
Credits to:
Agrupamento De Escolas De Alcanena/Escola Secundária com 3º Ciclo do Ensino Básico de Alcanena

Comenius Project
"My River My Life"

Patrícia Silva
All the people who collaborated
And our teacher Ana Baptista

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