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Oracle Business Intelligence

No description

Adam Maas

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Foundation Suite...
...what is that?
Analytics for almost anything...
Endeca Information Discovery...
Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time...
Oracle Business Intelligence...
Companies use software applications to analyze an organization's raw data, creating analytics for many enviornments. A few benefits:

helps improve decision making
helps to cut costs
helps to identify new business opportunities
improves reporting, document creation
pulls data from any source
saves time and money
Allows business users to analyze data w/o waiting for IT
BIFS is a suite of different products...
BI Publisher
- reporting solution to create, manage, and deliver all your reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools (found in EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards)
(Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) - creates those beautiful interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards
- highly efficient data storage; allows users to model, analyze, interpret super complex problems/scenarios; often paired with Hyperion; past, present, future analysis
Mobile access
- allows users to view dashboards, info, make decisions, etc. on their phones, iPads
Different types of BI Analytics - LOB
Supply Chain: visibility into every aspect of SC
Manufacturing: answers the 6 R's: right product, customer, time, quality, price, profit
Marketing: unlocks valuable info, hidden in systems across the organization
Sales: what/where/when/why/how things are selling
HR: full view of workforce, from hire to fire
Financial: visibility into all factors driving rev, costs, shareholder value
Procurement & Spend: helps purchasing understand how the business is performing in all areas
Enterprise Asset Management: absolute complete visibility into enterprise-wide asset/maintenance information
CRM: insight into entire sales processes, demands, effectiveness, etc.
Endeca...what is it?
Combines unstructured data with structured data from the data warehouse, ERP, or CRM systems...

What is unstructured data? Streams from social media, websites, content systems, raw text from documents, email, etc. (data not in some type of data system)
Adds insight into...
Consumer insight - helps connect all of the different customer touch-points in order to have a better understanding of what customers are saying about their company and their brands
Warranty/Quality - increase response rate to claims, shortens detection to correction times, have a better insight into quality issues to avoid future costs
Supply Chain - gain a 360 degree view throughout multiple business units and various ERP systems. Aggregates their purchasing to get the best pricing from their suppliers.
What is it?
Not just big...but HUGE data!
Every day, we create 2.5 exaBytes of data...so much so, that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone (Emtec, May 2013)
Four main parts of Oracle BI
Endeca Information Discovery

The short answer? An awesome BI machine.
A best-in-class enterprise BI platform, in-memory analytics software, and hardware optimized to work together (looks like a server box)
Delivers the fastest performance for BI and planning applications...seriously, 1TB RAM for in-memory analytics and 40 CPU cores? Hello!

It stores your BI data in-memory, dramatically reducing response times
What comes with it?
BI Foundation
Oracle TimesTen (in-memory database)
Optimized for Exadata
Bridging:What to listen/look for in your accounts and on calls...
Bridging BI Opps...what to listen for...
Reporting is manually intensive, error-prone, unable to track or monitor who has what and at what time
Excel-based reporting
No dashboards, ad-hoc capabilities
No enterprise-wide reporting solution
A need for mobile/iPad analytic access
More time spent creating reports than consuming the actual information IN the report
The above statements apply to any LOB within the org
What is an Oracle BI Analytic Application?
Integrates data for analysis and reporting
Provides user-friendly analytic model of enterprise info/metrics
Delivers personalized performance dashboards for everyone
86% of companies cannot deliver the right information at the right time (Gartner BI Summit, 2013)
Ex: a retailer using big data to its fullest capacity, has the potential to increase its operating margin by more than 60%! (Emtec, May 2013)
Q & A
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