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Path to the SDN List

No description

U.S. Campaign for Burma

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Path to the SDN List

The Path to the SDN List
Meet Tay Za
- Tay Za confiscated 40,000+ acres of land in Irrawaddy Division through Htoo Group & Aye Ya Shwe Wa companies

- Confiscated farmland in Kamma Township to build a factory in 2011
The US Treasury's SDN List creates targeted sanctions against specific individuals and entities in otherwise unsanctioned countries -- preventing "bad actors" from benefiting economically off of US investment in their country.

SDN stands for "Specially Designated Nationals."
How does someone in Burma end up on the SDN List?
Here are some examples of how individuals end up on the SDN List...
He's a wealthy Burmese business tycoon who owns 3 major companies:
1. Htoo Group of Companies
2. Air Bagan
3. Asia Green Development Bank
Myint Swe
- Tay Za's daddy
- Chief Minister of Rangoon Region
- Former VP Nominee
- His government connections jump started Tay Za's business career
Than Shwe
- Tay Za's buddy
- Head of State (1992-2011): responsible for egregious human rights violations
- Awarded Tay Za the first construction contracts in Naypyitaw
- Tay Za brokered arms deals with China & aircraft deals with Russia

- Donated US $82,000 to the Burmese Army in 2013
Shwe Mann
- Tay Za's buddy
- Current Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament
- Former Joint Chief of Staff of Burmese Armed Forces - 3rd highest ranking member of SPDC military regime

- Tay Za hired Shwe Mann's son as Director of Htoo Group
Meet Thein Htay...
He is head of the Directorate of Defense Industries (DDI) and a bona fide member of the SPDC military regime.

Thein Htay helps spearhead the regime's illicit arms trade with North Korea.
These are just a few of many examples.

If the Obama Administration keeps refusing to update the SDN list, bad actors will keep benefiting from US investment & trade.
For more info, visit:
and scroll down to the SDN section of the investment page
Here's another example...
And finally...
Meet Tun Tun Naung
He is the Northern Commander of the Burmese Army
- Leads the ongoing
against the Kachin & Shan ethnic groups
His army targets civilians & women as one of their strategic tactics in the war against the Kachin
He's on the SDN List, right?
The US government has been less than diligent about updating the SDN List
Which means doing business with Tun Tun Naung....
is a-okay
#1 Engaging in acts threatening peace or democracy in Burma
#2 Committing human rights abuses
#3 Selling and receiving arms from North Korea
These are Tay Za's connections...
Thein Htay
Tun Tun Naung
Tun Tun Naung is also
Adding only one individual in the past 3 years...
And removing several who did nothing to deserve the reward
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