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By: Alex Halupczok and Eric Reichert

bob smithy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest By: Alex Halupczok and Eric Reichert held in Munich Germany once every year, whats so special about it? Its the biggest Beer festival in the World!! 1.5-2 millions gallons of beer comsumed during the 16 day event, but thats not all they do. They also consume other things such as eight miles of melts seven hundred pounds of lindburger cheese, five thousand peices of strudel 1.3 Tons of Jumbo pickels Five Tons of potato pancakes and a whopping 15 Football Fields of sauerkraut balls...in 16 days...yum? Has anything changed? with all of that food and drinks, does anything get lost? the following items were found at the last oktoberfest 680 forms of id
410 wallets
360 keys
265 prescription glasses
280 cellular devices
80 cameras
1 set of diving goggles
1 set of angels wings
1 superman costume
and four wedding rings It has gained over 103 acres of game, food, and beer tents, along with a ferris wheel, roller coaster, water slide, haunted house, maze, festival tour, and various performers oh and we can't forget the flea circus on top of all that it holds certain events such as the opening of the festival where the mayor taps the first barrel of beer, thet also have a costume and riflemen procession where over 7000 people dressed up parades around the city with floats and old fasion carrages Oktoberfest started in 1810 and was held for the marrige of Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa, the citizens were invited to the festival that was held for five days after the wedding. over the past 200 years Oktoberfest has been cancelled a total of 24 times due to cholera epidemics and war The first festival had horse races and has held them every year until 1960 They also hold a agricultural show every four years The mayor of Munich starts off the festival by putting in the first wooden tap into the one of the barrels of beer before anyother one is tapped Why only Germany? Actually many places around the world have their own Oktoberfest like...
1Zinzinati, Ohio
2Shanghai, China
3Canberra, Australia
4Bierfest, throughout the British islands
5Blumenau, Brazil
6Rocktoberfest in Okinawa, Japan
7Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada
8LA Crosse, Wisconsin USA
9Hannover Germany
10Seattle Washington, USA
Those are the top ten places around the world to have Oktoberfest! Besides Munich of course. Each Oktoberfest in other countries recives awards for being one of the most celebrated festival in the province/state that its in. All of this secret information is brought to you by... http://www.oktoberfest.ca/


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