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Major Battles of the American Revolution

From the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" to the surrender at Yorktown; a timeline of the American Revolution.

Matthew Whiteman

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Major Battles of the American Revolution

Major Battles
of the
American Revolution

The Battles of
Lexington and Concord
April 19, 1775
May 10, 1775
The Siege of
June 16, 1775
The Battle of
Bunker (Breeds) Hill
August 27, 1776
The Battle of
Long Island
(Brooklyn Heights)
November 16, 1776
The Battle of
Fort Washington
December 26, 1776
The Battle of
August 16, 1777
The Battle of
September 11, 1777
The Battle of
The Battles of
September 19, 1777
October 7, 1777
June 28, 1778
The Battle of
March 29, 1780
The Siege of
August 16, 1780
The Battle of
January 17, 1781
The Battle of
September 8, 1781
The Battle of
Eutaw Springs
October 9, 1781
The Battle of
The Shot Heard 'Round the World
The Battles of
Lexington and Concord Overview
US Colonies
Great Britain
Force: 1500
Killed: 73
Wounded: 174
Captured: 53
Force: 3800
Killed: 49
Wounded: 39
Captured: 0
These battles marked the opening of the
Revolutionary War.
The British wanted to capture military
supplies thought to be stored at Concord.
Little did they know, the colonists had
intelligence of their plans weeks before.
The Redcoats marched back to Boston in a
tactical retreat
Overview of the Siege
of Fort Ticonderoga
US Colonies
Great Britain
Force: 78
Killed: 0
Wounded: 0
Captured: 0
Force: 168
Killed: 0
Wounded: 0
Captured: 1
The colonists realized that they lacked the
munitions necessary to siege Boston
Ft. Ticonderoga contained over 100 cannons
and had strategic waterways to Canada
Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold led a small
force to capture the fort in the middle of the
Though the fort was captured, the cannons would not reach Boston for over six months
Overview of The Battle of
Bunker (Breeds) Hill
US Colonies
Great Britain
Force: 3000
Killed: 226
Wounded: 828
Captured: 0
Force: 2400
Killed: 115
Wounded: 305
Captured: 30
Bunker Hill and nearby Breeds Hill provided an
important vantage point of Boston Harbor.
The Colonists surprised the British with an
overnight fortification of Breeds Hill.
Though the Colonists were outmanned and lacking
ammunition, it took the British three attempts
and over 1,000 casualties to take the hill.
This first major battle was a technical victory
for the British, but a moral victory for the Colonists.
"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"
Overview of The Battle of Long Island
(Brooklyn Heights)
Lobster Backs
Force: 10000
Killed: 300
Wounded: 800
Captured: 1000
Force: 20000
Killed: 64
Wounded: 293
Captured: 31
The British withdraw from Boston and developa new plan to capture New York, the bridge
between northern and southern colonies.

General George Washington anticipates this plan and compiles a large force on Long Island
Attacked via land and sea, the colonists suffer heavy losses and retreat to Brooklyn.
George Washington silently ferried his bottled up troops across the east river to Manhattan to avoid further casualties.
Overview of the Battle
of Ft. Washington
Lobster Backs
Force: 3000
Killed: 59
Wounded: 96
Captured: 2837
Force: 8000
Killed: 84
Wounded: 374
Captured: 0
After retreating from Long Island, Washington's
army is hold up in Fort Washington near Manhattan
Washington and other generals debated whether or
not to secure the fort with additional troops or to
abandon the fort and tactically retreat.
Washington's hesitation was disasterous, and the
rebels suffered high casualties and lost a large
amount of munitions.
Overview of the Battle of
Continental Army
Red Coats
Force: 2400
Killed: 2
Wounded: 5
Captured: 0
Force: 1520
Killed: 22
Wounded: 86
Captured: 906
Washington's army is depleted, near the end of
enlistment, and cold (shoeless!)
After retreating toward Philadelphia, Washington
plans a risky sneak attack on a Hessian army in
Trenton, NJ
Washington crossed all troops and munitions across
the Delaware River on Christmas night.
The Hessian army was caught completely by surprise
after making too "merry" on Christmas night.
"Tell General Sullivan to use the bayonet. I am resolved to take Trenton."
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