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Major World Events 2001-2014

Events from the year I was born until now with significant world events and personal life events.

Laine Marrah

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Major World Events 2001-2014

Major World Events 2001-2014
Major world event:
9/11-Terrorists seize passenger planes and crashed them into many locations, the most famous of which is the Twin Towers. Many were killed.
Major life event:
12/18-I was born.
Major World Event:
1/2-The Euro was introduced as a common currency between 17 European nations. It was technically released on January 1, 1999, but it became official in 2002.
Major life event:
Over time- I meet most of my close family.
Major world event:
4/14-The mapping of the human genome is complete, paving the way for many medical and scientific breakthroughs. This effort began in 1990.
Major life event:
My family moves to Brooklyn, NY.
Major world event:
1/25-The NASA rovers Spirit and Curiosity land on Mars and begin their research. Among other things, they learn that liquid water once existed on Mars.
Major life event:
12/1-My sister, Elise, is born.
Major world event:
11/22-Angela Merkel comes into power as the Chancellor of Germany. She is the first woman to do so.
Major life event:
3/17-I write my name for the first time.
Major world event:
7/31-Fidel Castro gives his younger brother, Raul, control of the Communist country of Cuba.
Major life event:
I read my first chapter book.
Major world event:
6/29-Apple releases the iPhone, a smartphone that was radically new to the world. It had many features that had not been seen together before.
Major life event:
11/8-My brother, Jack, is born.
Major world event:
11/4-Barack Obama is elected as the United States' 44th president. He is the first African-American to obtain that position.
Major life event:
I played on my first sports team.
Major world event:
1/12-A giant earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hits Haiti, killing 200,000 and destroying a lot of the country.
Major life event:
I got my ears pierced.
Major world event:
5/2-American forces storm the Al Qaeda compound and kill the man who was responsible for 9/11-Osama bin Laden.
Major life event:
I went to a dude ranch in Colorado.
Major world event:
10/22-10/31-Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc throughout the Atlantic, causing $62 billion worth of damage in the US and killing more than 125 people.
Major life event:
I get glasses.
Major world event:
12/7-12/18-The Copenhagen climate change conference for the UN is held in Denmark. After some dispute, a new environmental reform accord is left open.
Major life event:
I attended a family reunion in New York.
Major world event:
Over time- Edward Snowden leaks top-secret documents from the NSA so people can see the truth. He fled to Russia for safety.
Major life event:
8/1-I start middle school at Renfroe.
Major world event:
2/7-2/13-The Winter Olympics occur in Sochi, Russia, despite fears of terrorists.
Major life event:
3/26-I get braces.
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