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Basic Writing Description Paragraph

No description

Mel Janousek

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Basic Writing Description Paragraph

In a descriptive paragraph, you
should use "sense" words to help
the reader visualize the item you
are describing. see
taste A descriptive paragraph begins
with a "topic sentence" to let the
reader know your topic of description. You should use
"spatial order" in
your description.
You should describe
specific items of your
"person, place, or thing."

front to back
top to bottom
left to right
physical to other attributes Use "adjectives, adverbs, and other
descriptive words" in your paragraph.
Connect your adjectives to specific
"nouns" in your descriptions. Descriptive Writing When you write using description, you need to be able to see things other people don't see. A descriptive paragraph describes a person, place or object, so the reader can visualize what the writer is talking about. The word "description" tells what something looks like, feels like, tastes like, sounds like or smells like. Thus, descriptive writing is usually concerned with creating a verbal picture of what we experience. I love the many sensations a passing rain storm can bring. The smell of wet sagebrush sweeps into my nose. Overhead, the sky is dark but beautiful. Glimmering puddles lay still. The air is clean and relaxes me. I leave the window open a crack, so the sweet smell fills my room. Dripping water falling off the roof splats to the ground. As the storm continues its journey and flees into the distance, thunder still goes off, and lightning still strikes and flashes. A rainbow peeks out from the dark sky and brightens it. The sun sits in the air and rests. A simile is a comparison of two things using
the words like or as. She swims like a fish.

He is as quiet as a mouse. Use "like" to describe "somebody." Use
he as the subject of your sentence.

dances well . . .

Example: He dances like Justin Bieber during one of his performances.

runs fast . . .
sings well . . .
shoots a basketball well . . .
is strong . . . Use "as" to describe something. Use
your selected noun as the subject
of your sentence.

as dark as . . .

Example: The room is as dark as a moonless evening.

as cold as . . .
as bright as . . .
as crunchy as . . .
as colorful as . . . A metaphor is a similar comparison without
the word like or as.

My soul is a dark forest. Complete the following sentences by
providing a needed "metaphor." Use a
"noun phrase" after "is" in each sentence to
describe each item.

Tim's room is . . .

Her car was . . .

The morning sun is . . .

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