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SteadyMed Therapeutics

No description

Marylyn Rigby

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of SteadyMed Therapeutics

A private, venture-backed
company founded in 2005 Corporate Office
San Francisco, California, US Research & Development
Tel Aviv, Israel Flexible Drug
Container Base ECELL® / XCELL FSR Cover PCB Skin adhesion Septum cap Ring The ECell® expands by
microprocessor control... ...to push piston and collapse primary
container to deliver drug into skin. ECELL® delivered drug adhesive pad soft cannula skin surface Principle of Operation Adhere Wear Prepare Remove prefilled PatchPump from sterile packaging.

A green light indicates the pump is activated.

Remove paper backing to expose skin adhesive. } } } Place pump on abdomen and secure adhesive to skin.

Press sides of removable insertion mechanism to place soft cannula in skin. Biopharmaceuticals
Including MAbs Platform Applicability Conventional High Value
Small Molecules Vaccines
DNA Vaccines High Volume &
Viscous Formulations Advantages of [ ] The Heart of ECELL® uses a battery volume-changing
effect to generate & control drug flow Expands under high pressures
to deliver viscous drugs
Acts as power source and driving mechanism IP protection fully owned by SteadyMed Disposable, low-cost, easily manufactured Electronically controlled to provide
accurate delivery with variable rates ECELL® 25 years experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Co-founder of Pfizer Israel. She established Pfizer Israel’s Medical Department and served as the Pfizer Israel Medical Director for nearly 10 years. Broad experience in the healthcare and life science arena and vast experience in collaboration with its major stake holders. More than 22 years of commercial and senior leadership experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device and drug delivery industry, including Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb and Profile Therapeutics (Phillips).

In 2006, co-founded Zogenix, Inc. a CNS Specialty Pharma Co with drug delivery technology that raised over $250 Million in venture capital and an IPO in 2010 (NASDAQ, ZGNX). Launched in the U.S. and E.U., the world’s first and only prefilled, disposable, needle free drug delivery injection system for the treatment of acute migraine. In addition, Jonathan has signed numerous licensing deals in the field of drug delivery one of which resulted in the launch of an inhaled product in the E.U. and U.S. for the treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension. Ella Tenenbaum-Koren, MD
VP Drug Product Development Jonathan Rigby
CEO 30 years of experience in the battery, advanced materials, and medical device industries, including CEO of NanoMaterials Ltd., President and co-founder of ECR Ltd., and Manager of R&D operations at Rayovac in the US and Tadiran in Israel. Niles is the inventor of several dozen patents and over 40 publications. Niles Fleischer, Ph.D.
General Manager, SteadyMed Israel 19 years of management experience in the development and commercialization of novel pharmaceuticals and drug/device combination products for the US and European markets. Extensive experience in the manufacture of aseptic liquid drug filled container closure systems. Rob has worked at a number of small companies and start-ups, including 10 years at Aradigm Corporation, where he was responsible for the manufacturing scale up of an inhaled prefilled liquid inhalation system and technology transfer and commercialization for a number of products, including the DosePro® prefilled needle free injection system prior to the technology acquisition by Zogenix. Robert Zwolinski, MBA
VP Operations L E A D E R S H I P A successful leader with experience in the marketing and licensing areas of the drug delivery industry, Marylyn has contributed to the signing of numerous licensing deals with a focus on pharmaceutical excipients in the field as well as the launching of various marketing campaigns. Marylyn Rigby
Director, Marketing & Business Development ------------------------------------------ Flexible Drug
Container Base Hall sensor Hall magnet Piston ECELL® / XCELL FSR Cover PCB Skin adhesion Septum cap Ring ECELL® 76% 24% A record of execution in commercialization
of drug delivery enabled products. Comfortably adheres to skin and provides dosing feedback.

Provides auidble, visual and vibratory patient feedback.

Wearable from minutes to several days depending on dosing. The ECell® acts as both the power source and driving mechanism, and the flexibility of the drug container make PatchPump the most size efficient and scalable subcutaneous delivery product in development. 10mL 4mL 1mL
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