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What makes a good role model?

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Kathryn Larsen

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of What makes a good role model?

Some people might need someone to help them stand up for others, or just need a friend to help them out when they need you.
Show courage to others.
It is important to act upon things that are not right to make them right.
Giving advice to others could help them in almost every way possible, they may be having a bad day and they may ask for help and giving them advice may make their day.
Act on whats right.
What Makes a Good Role Model?
By Jenika and Haley

Give advice to others who need it.
Protect the weak and needy.
There are five main ways to become a good leader
In the story An American Childhood, these teenagers were throwing snowballs at ars, and one of them stopped, chased and caught them, and gave them a lecture how they were stupid to throw the snowballs and that they shouldn't do it.
In the story, Celebration for grandfathers: the boy just likes to tell us about his grandfather and how he helped himself and others around him. And it made it a better person.
In the story, Dirk the protector: there is a street boy who ran away from home and he was having a hard time out on the street with these gang who likes to beat him up and take his money. Then Dirk comes along and protects him when he needs it.

If you have courage, and you show it people will ask for your help, and it would be a good chance to show how great of a leader you are.
In the story of Unfinished Business, the social worker was helping the little boy who had something to say to his dying sister, and with her help he gained to courage to tell her the things that he wanted to tell her.
Stand up for what is right.
There are many people who have achieved things, and even more people who want to work to become like them
People everywhere will have a different opinion on every thing. They even may love their opinion so much that they will be willing to go threw things to make it happen.
In the story Tim's Speech, Tim is going to jail for something that he did which was illegal. he was giving this speech before he went. He was saying that he was being told that he was worthless and that he couldn't achieve anything. He was willing to go to prison for standing up to it
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