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Is Treating Homosexuality Ethical and Effective?

No description

Olivia Gordon

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Is Treating Homosexuality Ethical and Effective?

in Psychology
Homosexuality is one of the major controversies in the field of Psychology. Treating homosexuality has been the topic of debate among professionals, religious leaders and the public in general, due to different opinions regarding its
consideration as an illness
and the
definition of sexual orientation
Is it effective?
Supporters of treating homosexuals with therapy, ultimately to convert them, argue that the success rates are high.
Are the succes rates high or do people conform to the social norm to avoid harm? Does the therapy change who they are
"cure them"
or merely
classically/operantly condition
Is it ethical?
The practice of conversion therapy has been criticized by many for being scientifically unsound and potentially harmful, reinforcing of societal heterosexism and homophobia, and in violation of fundamental ethical principles.
Homosexuality Treatment in 2016
Is it necessary?
LGBTQ Community
A clinical term for people who are attracted to members of the same sex.

A woman who is primarily attracted to other women.

A person who is attracted primarily to members of the same sex (Most often used with males).

A person who is attracted to both people of their own gender and another gender.

This term has many definitions. It is frequently used as an umbrella term to refer to all people who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth or the binary gender system.

An umbrella term sometimes used by LGBTQA people to refer to the entire LGBT community.
Is Treating Homosexuality Ethical and Effective?
The Treatment of Homosexuality as a Disease
Aversive conditioning has proven an effective aid in the treatment of child molesters, transvestites, exhibitionists, alcoholics, shop lifters and other people with similar problems.
Is it just to consider homosexuality a crime/sin comparable to those listed above?
Shock therapy
("shock the gay away")
Surgical techniques
Biomedical treatments
altering hormones in womb to prevent gay babies from being born
For as long as humans have found displeasure with the idea of homosexuality, there have been attempts to “cure” afflicted individuals of their “unnatural” urges.
Though homosexuality has fortunately become more accepted, and in some places embraced, by society...
...it still has a long way to go in many parts of the world.
In the 1940s, homosexuals were also involuntarily committed to psychiatric facilities by their families, with the hospitals promising that the patient would eventually leave the facility cured of their "sexual illness." Not only were they not allowed to leave, but they were often subjected to cruel and inhumane treatments, including castrations, torture drugs, shock therapy, and lobotomies.
The inhumane treatment of homosexuals may be commonly believed to be outdated and not relevant anymore, however, it is still prevalant society; in countries where same-sex marriage is legal.
Alex Cooper's Story:
Treatments in today's society:
In recent reports, Russia has propsed new regulations that would mandate certain rooms in psychiatric hospitals for the treatment of "non-traditional sexual relationships", such as pedophilia and homosexuality.
This new packageof amendments would govern care for "mental and behavioural disorders".
Treatments in today's society cont'd
In these exam rooms, and in clinics, clinicians would counsel patients with conditions related to gender indentification problems and sexual disharmonies and deviations.
They would also be allowed to diagnose and treat "sexual deviations among children and youth" and "consult about their sexual education and knowledge of gender" (76 Crimes, 2016)
Works Cited
76 Crimes. (2016, February 23). Russia proposes exam rooms to treat homosexuality | 76 CRIMES. Retrieved from https://76crimes.com/2016/02/23/russia-proposes-exam-rooms-to-treat-homosexuality/

Find Freedom and Victory in Christ. (2016). Homosexuality. Retrieved from http://www.tbm.org/homosexuality_cause_cure.htm
testical transplants (inserting semen from heterosexual testicles to homosexual testicles)
An exert from the documentary
The World's Worst Place to be Gay

As homosexuality is beginning to become understood as natural, harmless behaviour it is becoming accepted within society. Many older people struggle with the challenege of change as it goes against their traditional views which they were raised to believe. However, as new generations are born into a society where homosexuality is the social norm, it can likely be expected that the future holds much less societal prejudice, discrimination of human rights and overall, homophobia. It is evident through the past hundred years that the commonness of unethical treatment will continue to decrease. Though seeking help of professionals within the social sciences will always be an option, hopefully conversion therapy will soon turn to therapy which involves accepting, coping and living with being homosexual.
In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a diagnosis from the 2nd edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II), and began to support a view of homosexuality as a normal variation of sexual experience.
(start at 13:55)
Discussion Question:
Do you believe there is a "cause" for homosexuality? Are we born with our sexuality or is it learned?
Can it be changed?
Meet Tom Brown
Tom is a pastor out of El Paso, Texas who claims he knows the causes
the cure for homesexual behaviour and tendencies, even for gender dysphoria - or transgenderism.
According to him: "Same gender feelings are a psychological illness caused by three powerful and tragic events in a child’s life"... " I think the beginning step for homosexuals is to admit their illness, not to cover it up, pretend they are not sick and, worse, flaunt their disorder."
The "Causes"
1. Sexually abused by an older person of the same gender - "causes a distortion in a person's mind"

2. Neglected by a parent of the same gender - "No incident that male homosexuals who are attracted to older male homosexuals are longing for the love of their fathers"

3. Feeling out of place with peers of the same gender - "feelings of anxiety [from feeling out of place] will be interpreted as sensual feelings"

But don't worry; he's even found a cure!
"be honest with your homosexual feelings"
"go through a new birth in the Lord's eyes" (cleanse)

"become sanctified... forgive those who have hurt you or neglected you on this journey"
finally, "ask the Lord for forgiveness"
Catherine Oatway and Olivia Gordon
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