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How Species Interact with Each Other

Chapter 8 Section 2

Mr. Emhardt

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of How Species Interact with Each Other

Five types of interaction
Both species negatively affected
One species feeds another
Each species benefits
One species benefits other unaffected
Ways in Which Species Interact
Niche: Unique role of a species in an ecosystem
Includes physical home, environmental factors, all species’ interactions
Pattern of use of its habitat
Function job or role
An Organism’s Niche
Chapter 8 Section 2
Environmental Science
Mr. Emhardt
How Species Interact with Each Other
Two species in close association
Most often one species will benefit
Overtime species evolve to benefit relationship with other species
Symbiosis and Coevolution
An organism lives on or in another organism to feed
Ticks, fleas, tapeworms, leaches
Often does not kill host, but weakens it
One organism feeds on another
Tends to cause relationships between prey and predator populations
Relationship in which different individuals or population attempt to use same limited resource
Occurs both within and between species
Indirect Competition
Competing without direct contact
Over time species adapt to limit competition
One species benefits other not affected
Orchids and trees
Close relationship between 2 species where both benefit
Bacteria in digestive system
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