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Jillian Samsock and Jenna Thomas

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Jillian Samsock and Jenna Thomas

Jillian Samsock and Jenna Thomas
Thomas G. Kelly
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, River Assault Division 152.
Ong Moung canal, Republic of Vietiam.
Head commander of a boat on the Ong Muong canal. There was a malfunction with the boat, so he pulled over to an ambush station to fix it, then returned.
Minutes later, they were under fire and there boat was bombed.
Kelly was seriously injured in the head but kept on going, following orders over the radio.
Kelly was later airlifted to a local hospital and was treated for brain injuries.
He showed much courage and bravery, even under fire. He showed selfless devotion when he kept going even after getting injured.
He was awarded the Medal of Honor on May 14, 1970 by President Nixon.
Served from 1960-1990
Jonathan M. Wainwright
World War One and World war Two veteran
General, commanding U.S. Army forces in the Philippines, World War Two.
Injured in the main firing line twice.
Always took charge during difficult situations.
Always showed his patriotism and love for America.
Awarded the Medal of Honor September 19, 1945 by Harry S. Truman.
Died in 1947
Paul Ray Smith
First class sergeant
U.S Army, company B
Served in Baghdad, Iraq on April 4, 2003
Entered service in Tampa FL
Working on construction of a prisoner war holding area when enemies attacked.
Organized defense of 2 platoons of soldiers, 1 Bradley fighting vehicle, and 3 armored personal carriers
Braved hostile enemy fire to personally engage enemy with hand grenades and anti-tank weapons
Organized evacuation of wounded soldiers
Stayed in an exposed position in order to engage the attacking enemy force. During this he was mortally wounded.
Freddie Stowers
Corporal Stowers
Native of Anderson County South Carolina
Squad leader in company C, 371 infantry regiment, 93 infantry division
Lead company during the attack on Hill 188, Champagne Marne Sector, France
World War 1
Enemy ceased fire, began climbing up onto the parapets of the trenches , holding up their arms as wishing to surrender
America then ceased fire and went into open
Enemies jumped back to trenches and used machine guns and mortar fire causing well over 50% casualties
crawled forward with his squad to a machine gun nest and destroyed it
After he was killed enemies continued to fight.
Kelly in 2011
Different wars
Freddie Stowers and Paul Ray Smith died in war but Johnathon Wainwright and Thomas Kelly did not
Different rankings
All risked their lives to help fellow soldiers
All were in the Army
Enemy forces attacked when they weren't expecting
Everyone who's been in the Army, Navy, or Air Force has risked their life.The people who were awarded the medal of honor did something extra to receive it. Some were even killed while fighting. Many of them had no regards for their own life but did everything they could to help/protect their fellow teammates. We respect them all for helping our country.
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