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Plot Diagram-Beauty and the Beast

No description

Anni Chen

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Plot Diagram-Beauty and the Beast

Plot Diagram-Beauty and the Beast -Anni Chen
• Beauty - kind & sweet
•Beast - prince, punished for his cold-hearted and selfish way
• Beauty's father - a rich merchant
• Gaston- bad guy
• Beauty's father get rob of and become poor.
• He goes to find his losing ships but gets into the castle where the beast lives.
• Beauty goes into the castle and trades herself for her father.
Rising action
• Beast and Beauty fall in love.
• Beast allows Beauty to leave the castle to visit her father who is sick.
• Gaston locks her father and forces her to marry him.
• Gaston goes to kill the beast.
He stabs the beast but falls off the balcony.
• Beast is dead.
Falling action
• Beauty comes by and sadly whispers that she loves him.
• The Beast revive and turn back into prince.
• Beauty and the prince are
dancing in the ballroom
• They live happily ever after.
The End
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