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The Renaissance

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of The Renaissance

The Renaissance
Started in Italy
Driving Ideas
- the idea that humans are capable of great achievements
Influenced by Greek/Roman art
Artistic Techniques
Linear Perspective - creates depth
Kings gained power - individualism push them to take what they wanted
Increase in cultural output in Europe from 1450s-1500s
Wealthy from the Crusades
Extra money = more leisure items
Powerful families spent on art as a show of power
- idea that the individual is more important than the collective
Geometric shapes
Shadowing - creates 3D effect
Detailed depiction of anatomy
Renaissance Man
Leonardo Da Vinci
Advancements in science, math, and engineering - humanism drove people to push boundaries
Increase in economic output - needed more money to make more art
Printing Press
Johann Gutenberg
Increase literacy
Spread the Renaissance into other parts of Europe
Bible was the first printed book
Kings gained power
Merchants get rich
Started Protestant Reformation
- decrease importance of Church in daily life
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