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TFANet Overview

A quick walk-through of TFANet's features and functionality.

Lisa Kurtz

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of TFANet Overview

TFANet When you log on... Search for other alumni,
staff, and corps members Update your Experience Fill out your profile Here are a few
you may want to look into ...and your leadership
path is set to whatever
you'd like to to be Change Your notification preferences Explore communities
by keyword Or browse all (currently used mostly by
Program team) Teaching and Learning Center Alumni Landing Page alumni blogs link to communities toolkit for teachers multimedia resources other resources
and tools for teachers the resource exchange is a great,
very popular spot to direct alumni teachers
who need advice and support
or who want to offer their own Student achievement
toolkit filled with helpful
resources for teachers (especially great
for new teachers,
teachers switching subject areas,
or teachers moving to
another state where standards may differ) res0urce exchange I searched for
"lesson plans"
in New York, and my search
returned more than 500 resources Career and Leadership Center overviews of each
path with links to
resources Career blogs by CLC staff (updated with varying
degrees of regularity) profiles of
featured alumni links to people finder
and communities oodles of career resources (some more helpful and more relevant than others) school leadership Political leadership Teacher leadership Giving and Volunteering Also... Phone Bank Caller
Profiled Donor
Resume Coach
TFANet Beta Tester Encourage alumni to donate directly
to the new york region money donations time donations Spotlight on... Right now - the Challenge Grant. Soon - donations to offset the cost of the Summit. If you've got an alumnus on the phone, or in person, and they want to make a donation... you can fill out
all of the information
for them, on the spot. 20th Anniversary Action steps - walk through all of the relevant ones And keep in mind when directing alumni to register encourage alumni to post photos
and update their profiles
to facilitate connections registration is open! All the details post on the
discussion boards leverage the summit
to raise our profile
and drive alumni to connect - with us and with one another the first event alumni will attend
at the summit
is a regional reception opportunity to host
a regional lunch? opportunities to host
regional events on sunday? social media My Profile Basic info Whom to ask when you need help Verify your title Let everyone know
how you can help Join some communities (We'll go over
joining communities
shortly) Adjust your settings Be sure your
region is set to New York You can also link
to your newsletter subscriptions
through this page Adjust your notification
preferences for blogs,
communities, and national and
regional digests. Regions and Communities New York! What's happening
in new York? tools and resources NY Logistics life in the region (currently used
much like
craigslist) lots of room for
growth and improvement Career resources
for corps members
and alumni links to tfa and
external resources marquee (features a different resource/event/opportunity every two weeks) Add a snazzy photo Write a quick bio first, fill out your profile! Then explore the
rest of TFANet click here to edit In the future... Social entrepreneurship
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