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Kiva- Clarisse Umulisa

No description

navnit chahal

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of Kiva- Clarisse Umulisa

Kiva: Clarisse Umulisa Clarisse Umulisa
Kimironko gasabo kigali, Rwanda Retail | General Store
Clarisse Umulisa

A loan of $1,150 helps Clarisse Umulisa to purchase more goods to sell

Repayment Term:
10 months (more info)
Repayment Schedule:

Your funds will be used to backfill this loan.
Repayments will go to you.
Clarisse is 23 years old and is still single. She is the only one in her family who works. For that reason, Clarisse works hard in order to provide everything necessary for her family. She owns a small business selling various products such as body lotion, water and soap. Clarisse has 3 years of experience in this business and her business is well-organized. The hours of her shop are from 6am until 10pm every day.

Clarisse has requested a loan from Kiva lenders via Vision Finance Company in order to purchase more goods to sell. Clarisse hopes to earn more profits, which will allow her to save money for her future. Clarisse will build a house for her family. house 4 family loan -> Kiva soaps lotions water flip flops candy 6 am - 10 pm By: Navnit and amneet WOW! from: Kimironko Gasabo Kigali, Rwanda new! more! + 1,150 ! care care care care R ! 4 star #83 Donate
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